Monday, April 24, 2017

Jeffrey Deaver turned down a second BOND

A loyal reader from North Carolina recently attended a book signing for Jeffrey Deaver's new novel, The Burial Hour. Deaver was the author of the 2011 James Bond continuation novel, Carte Blanche, which rebooted 007 into the present day. At the time the author said he was open to writing another Bond, and that he might set it in Australia.

During the signing Deaver was asked if there were any plans for that second Bond novel. Deaver revealed that he had been approached to do one, but decided to turn it down. He said he didn't care for the amount of creative oversight and the monetary split that comes with doing a Bond novel.

Will we ever see a continuation of that modern day James Bond timeline? If so, it appears it won't be Deaver doing it.

Thanks to our friend in NC for this.


  1. I didn't think he was right for it myself though I did enjoy Carte Blanche. Horowitz is a much better fit.

  2. i like Carte blanche a lot, except for the plot of Bond´s family death not being an accident.
    and seems one more time we don´t see Bond in australia , maybe it´s a curse .

  3. Cartel Blanche is my favorite of this recent run of Bonds.

  4. Deaver did a good job using recognized Fleming icons 007 lives in Chelsea,drives a Bentley,uses a Walther,all modern versions and a strong attempt at the Fleming sweep

  5. I haven’t read Carte Blanche since it was first published, but I remember thinking at the time that it was a fairly middling Bond adventure. Lately, I’ve been tempted to revisit it to see if I’ve changed my view. It does seem to be a bit of an oddity in the Bond canon, though – it was clearly set-up for a larger story that we’ll probably never get.

  6. I wonder when he was offered this -- before or after SOLO?

    I enjoyed CARTE BLANCHE alright (though not as much as TRIGGER MORTIS or SOLO), and thought there was some good set-up for a larger contemporary reboot. (Not the parent stuff.) But what Deaver kept referring to as his "trademark twist endings" never seemed appropriate for 007. In a proper Bond novel in the Fleming sense, you KNOW who the villain is, and he gets to BE a villain. The whole guessing game of who it is, and bait-and-switch, comes from a different side of the genre and doesn't work with the Bond formula. Gardner sometimes made this misstep as well.

  7. I didn't care for "Carte Blanche" at all. It smacked too much of trying to cash in on the cinematic re-boot. Furthermore, it was a lacklustre story, in my view.
    I think IFP finally got it right with Horowitz. Looking forward to his next Bond tale.

  8. Nice to see some support for Carte Blanche.
    Jeffery Deaver just did a facebook live (May 10, 2017) and was asked if he'd do another Bond (about the last 12 minutes of the video) and he said he'd certainly consider it.


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