Monday, January 16, 2017

JOHN GARDNER German Bond paperbacks

Here is a collection of John Gardner James Bond paperbacks published in Germany. I've always enjoyed the original movie inspired artwork on the Heyne editions. Notice the publisher produced two versions of GoldenEye using different posters. They would do the same for Raymond Benson's Tomorrow Never Dies.

The books show above (in order) are:

Licence Renewed - published 1987
For Special Services - published 1984
Icebreaker - published 1988
Role of Honor - published 1987
Nobody Lives Forever - published 1987
No Deals Mr. Bond - published 1988
Scorpius - published 1990
Win Lose or Die - published 1991
Licence To Kill - published 1989
Brokenclaw - published 1992
GoldenEye - published 1996
GoldenEye - published 1996

I am thinning out my collection and selling many of my foreign language books, so I will be making several of these editions available on eBay soon.

UPDATE: I've now listed several of these for sale on eBay.

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  1. I love the NOBODY LIVES FOREVER! Not sure what to think of that oddly long-faced Moore/Dalton hybrid sharing the cover of NO DEALS, MR. BOND with Oddjob and Knightrider.


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