Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First wave of new IAN FLEMING reprints now available

Amazon.co.uk is now showing the first wave of Vintage's new Ian Fleming James Bond paperback reprints as "in stock". The books are:

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Visit The Book Bond's Vintage Fleming page for release dates and pre-order links for all the new Ian Fleming paperback and eBooks from Vintage.

SKYFALL trailer - You Only Live Twice?

The official SKYFALL trailer is released today. Is it just me, or does this movie look like a spiritual adaptation of Ian Fleming's You Only Live Twice (in the way Die Another Day was an adaption of Fleming's Moonraker)? Either way, this looks absolutely sensational! Enjoy.

You can watch the International trailer, which shows even more footage, at 007.com. But I think the U.S. trailer above is the better preview.

Monday, July 30, 2012


OO7 Magazine, the longest running James Bond fanzine, is out now with issue #55.

As you can see from the cover, the new Bond film SKYFALL is covered in "Will BOND 23 rise or fall?" by Luke Williams. Robert Sellers, author of The Battle for Bond, looks back at "The Search For Bond: How the 007 role was won and lost" in the first of a four part series. Photographer Terry O'Neill is interviewed about his career working with all five James Bond actors and his upcoming book, All About Bond.

Finally, book Bond fans will be interested in “Balloon, mein herr?”, an examination by Luke Williams of the fascinating parallels between the film versions of Graham Greene’s The Third Man (1949) and Ian Fleming’s The Living Daylights (1987).

You can purchase OO7 Magazine #55 along with all the current issues of the OO7 Magazine Archive Files at the OO7 Magazine website.

IAN FLEMING Bond titles to be released in Germany

CommanderBond.net, which has recently come roaring back as a major Bond news source, reports that the 14 original Ian Fleming James Bond novels will be reprinted in Germany as a uniform set for the very first time.

The publisher is Cross Cult. Cover art will be the Michael Gillette artwork from the 2008 centenary editions (right).

CBn also points out that these all-new translations will be the first time the Fleming books have appeared in Germany unedited.

Casino Royale, Live and Let Die and Moonraker will be released in September. November sees Diamonds Are Forever and From Russia with Love. Dr. No and Goldfinger will be released in March 2013. Release dates for the remainder of the series are not yet set.

Thanks to CBn and Helmut Schierer for sharing this scoop!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Cover art for Taschen's THE JAMES BOND ARCHIVES

Cover art for TASCHEN's mammoth The James Bond Archives has been revealed on 007.com. They've also posted an interview with the book's editor, Paul Duncan, and the following descrption:

As EON Productions celebrate 50 years of Bond, it’s worth remembering that Sean Connery was introducing himself as 007 long before man went to the Moon. As part of their ongoing celebrations, EON have granted TASCHEN editor Paul Duncan unparalleled access to their immense archives of photos, designs, storyboards and production materials to produce the new book, The James Bond Archives. After two years diligently sifting through over a million images and 100 filing cabinets of documents, Duncan’s collation of previously unpublished photography and artwork is a definitive and comprehensive pictorial tribute to 007, and the complete account of the story of Bond, beginning with DR. NO (1962) and ending with the upcoming SKYFALL (2012). Over 600 pages deep and packed with the anecdotes and recollections of 150 cast and crew members, TASCHEN’s new arrival equates to half a century of Bond’s adventures.

The James Bond Archives is priced at $200, but at the moment it's discounted 37% on Amazon. So far it's only available on the U.S. Amazon website.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"THERE IS ONLY ONE BOND" second wave covers revealed

The second wave of covers for Vintage Books "There Is Only One Bond" series have been revealed. These final seven paperbacks will be released on October 4, 2012.

Visit The Book Bond's Vintage Fleming page for release dates and pre-order links.

Thanks to Phoebe at Ian Fleming Publications and to Vintage Books.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Orion releases NO DEALS, MR. BOND and BROKENCLAW

The next two John Gardner James Bond reprint from Orion have been released in the UK. No Deals, Mr. Bond and Brokenclaw are now shipping from Amazon.co.uk.

That's right, I said Brokenclaw. For whatever reason, Orion has jumped the release of Brokenclaw ahead of Scorpius, Win Lose or Die, and Licence To Kill. I'm not sure why, but I'm not complaining. I've always considered Brokenclaw to be one of the most underrated of all the Gardner Bonds. In fact, I think it's the best of his later books.

The next wave of five Gardner releases will be on August 2. Visit our special Gardner Renewed page for links and release date updates for all the Gardner-James Bond reprints in the U.S. and UK.

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