Tuesday, July 16, 2024

IFP announce "Q" spinoff series, QUANTUM OF MEANCE

Some big news from Ian Fleming Publications today. Press release below.

Zaffre to launch brand-new series expanding the Ian Fleming literary franchise.

Zaffre, the flagship commercial fiction imprint of Bonnier Books UK, has won a three-way auction for a brand-new crime series expanding the Ian Fleming literary franchise, centred around the iconic character of Q from the James Bond adventures. The first book, Quantum of Menace, will be published autumn 2025. This top-secret project has been created in conjunction with Ian Fleming Publications, written by acclaimed crime writer and Chair of the Crime Writers’ Association, Vaseem Khan.

UK & Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) in a two-book deal were acquired by editorial director Kelly Smith from Ciara Finan at Curtis Brown.

Filled with wit, humour and verve, Vaseem Khan brings his vibrant and dynamic style to one of Ian Fleming’s most beloved characters.

Q Branch – the Secret Service department responsible for weapons and gadgets – was first introduced in Ian Fleming’s groundbreaking Casino Royale and featured throughout the James Bond books. The armourer in Q Branch, Major Boothroyd, first appeared in Dr No, giving 007 a Walther PPK to replace his Beretta firearm. The character has been a mainstay of the James Bond films and his interactions with the super spy have entered the cultural zeitgeist. Readers and fans of 007 will now get to spend real time with him in the charming milieu of a crime series.

Vaseem Khan said: “I can’t think of anything more exhilarating as a writer than bringing to life such an iconic character, one that I have adored since childhood. I was the kid who watched Bond films just to see what new gadgets Q would come up with for 007. To now recreate Q in a series of contemporary mystery novels, bringing together everything I love about the genre, is the coolest assignment I could hope for. I cannot wait to share my Q with readers. Move over Bond. Q is coming.” 

Kelly Smith, editorial director at Zaffre, said: “I have long admired Vaseem’s work so the opportunity to work with him on any project, let alone one as pitch perfect as this, was one I had to grasp. With his unique wit and flair, cosy crime readers and James Bond fans alike will be unable to resist this series and his imagining of Q.” 

Corinne Turner of Ian Fleming Publications said: “We at Ian Fleming Publications could not think of a better partner to breathe new life into the beloved character of Q. Vaseem’s mystery novels have enthralled me for many years, and I am thrilled with what he is crafting for Q’s first solo missions. This is a modern and exceedingly clever crime series.”

Q is out of MI6 . . .
. . . and into a new world of deceit and death
After Q (aka Major Boothroyd) is unexpectedly ousted from his role with British Intelligence developing technologies for MI6’s OO agents, he finds himself back in his sleepy hometown of Wickstone-on-Water. His childhood friend, renowned quantum computer scientist Peter Napier, has died in mysterious circumstances, leaving behind a cryptic note. The police seem disinterested, but Q feels compelled to investigate and soon discovers that Napier’s ground-breaking work may have attracted sinister forces . . . Can Q decode the truth behind Napier's death, even as danger closes in?

Quantum of Menace will be published in hardback, eBook and audio in October 2025. It's avalible for pre-order now at Amazon.co.uk and Watersons

Friday, July 5, 2024

LINK: Deciphering Fleming: Uncorrected proofs

Here's an excellent article by Peter Crush about Ian Fleming proofs. Click the headline or the image below to have a read at James Bond First Editions.

Monday, July 1, 2024


Last weekend saw the 45th anniversary of the release of MOONRAKER on June 29, 1979. This is a Bond film I love more and more with every passing year. It was Cubby at the peak of his powers and pure fun. As with The Spy Who Loved Me, an original novelization by screenwriter Christopher Wood and released in hardcover by Jonathan Cape. Below is my Cape copy of James Bond and Moonraker.

The book also saw a paperback release with tie-in movie cover art. Below is the U.S. edition from Jove. I've always thought the way Bond is illustrated here kind of matched the then-current Jove series.

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