Sunday, June 28, 2009

Disney's 2010 Young Bond releases

The Young Bond Dossier reports that Disney Publishing will release SilverFin: The Graphic Novel in the U.S. in July 2010 as both a hardcover and paperback.

SilverFin: The Graphic Novel was released in the UK in October 2008. This spectacular first-ever Young Bond graphic novel runs 160 pages with approximately 300 full color illustrations by renowned comic book artist Kev Walker. The London Times called it “a bold and brilliant Manga-inspired treat.”

2010 will also see the release of the paperback edition of Hurricane Gold (April 6) and the hardcover By Royal Command (May).

SilverFin Graphic Novel coming to U.S. July 2010

The Young Bond Dossier reports that Disney Publishing will release SilverFin: The Graphic Novel in the U.S. in July 2010 as both a hardcover and paperback.

SilverFin: The Graphic Novel was released in the UK in October 2008. This spectacular first-ever Young Bond graphic novel runs 160 pages with approximately 300 full color illustrations by renowned comic book artist Kev Walker. The London Times called it “a bold and brilliant Manga-inspired treat.”

2010 will also see the release of the paperback edition of Hurricane Gold (April 6) and the hardcover By Royal Command (May).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two rare Ian Fleming titles reissued by IFP

Ian Fleming Publications Ltd celebrates the man who created James Bond with the publication of two of his rarer titles - Thrilling Cities and The Diamond Smugglers. Unavailable for many years, these works of non-fiction are reissued with introductions by Jan Morris and Fergus Fleming. Publication date 25 June 2009.

“All my life I have been interested in adventure…”
Ian Fleming, Thrilling Cities, 1963

Ian Fleming’s richly fascinating life was not only the backdrop for the adventures of the world’s most famous spy, but also led him to travel through many of the world’s most exotic cities. After his wartime work in the Admiralty, where he drew up memos mapping out the creation of the CIA, Ian Fleming worked for Kelmsey Newspapers, perfecting the sharp journalistic style so evident in his much-loved Bond books. His carefully honed writing skills also led him to create these two books, both originally published in his lifetime, and now lovingly reprinted by the company he founded.

THRILLING CITIES is a collection of travel pieces originally written in 1959 and 1960 for The Sun Times. In it, Fleming turns his inimitable eye on 14 separate cities. The fleshpots of Macao, Tokyo and Hamburg feature alongside explorations of the Mafia culture in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. At every stop he uncovers fresh nuggets of interest. In Naples, for example, he wangles an introduction to Lucky Luciano, the notorious Chicago gangster of Capone-era fame. Written in the days when a De Havilland Comet took 12 hours to fly from London to Beirut, this is a rich and enjoyable tapestry of the world as it once was - a must for lovers of travel and great writing.

As Jan Morris writes, in a masterly introduction: “He travelled in the spirit of 007, with an eye always for the slinky and the significant, in places where martinis were shaken not stirred, and all life could be viewed with a cool raised eyebrow.”

Thrilling Cities gives you a glorious glimpse of the world as it once was - a must for lovers of travel and great writing.

THE DIAMOND SMUGGLERS is a book that starts with a phone call. One day in April 1957,' Fleming writes, 'I had just answered a letter from an expert in unarmed combat writing from a cover address in Mexico City, and I was thanking a fan in Chile, when my telephone rang...” The voice at the other end asks if he’d like an assignment. Within weeks he is in Tangier speaking to “John Blaize”, an ex-MI5 agent now contracted by a diamond firm to break an international smuggling ring. Fleming picks up the trail in a unique piece of investigative journalism that combines treasure and travel, cunning and criminality - the elements that had always attracted the creator of James Bond.

This new edition is presented with an introduction by Fleming’s nephew, Fergus Fleming, himself an acclaimed writer of travel and exploration.

“As richly fascinating as a James Bond thriller” - the original strapline when the book was published in 1957 still holds true today.

Kate Grimond, Ian Fleming’s niece and Chairman of Ian Fleming Publications, comments, ‘It is great to see Thrilling Cities and The Diamond Smugglers back in print. Fleming’s writing never fails to provide enjoyment and readers will find much to enjoy in these two books.’ Corinne Turner, Managing Director of Ian Fleming Publications Ltd, said "We are extremely proud to be able to continue the literary legacy of Ian Fleming, the creator of the world’s best-loved spy, with the publication of these non-fiction books. It is exciting to see Thrilling Cities and The Diamond Smugglers back in print and under Ian Fleming Publications’ own imprint as well. These two books are a tribute to the enduring style and sophistication of Fleming’s writing.’

THRILLING CITIES and THE DIAMOND SMUGGLERS can be purchased through Ian Fleming Publications Ltd online at

The IFP website reports they are currently experiencing technical difficulties with processing orders via their site.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Charlie Higson on the secret of Young Bond’s success

Charlie Higson spoke with the Haringey Independent about his approach to writing and why he believes his Young Bond novels, which to date have sold more than 1.5 million copies, have been such a success.

“I have three boys, aged ten, 14 and 16, and I grew up with three brothers, so I think it’s fair to say that I understand boys very well! 
“I know what they like, how they think and what they get up to, so I’ve been able to use all of that for the Young Bond books. I think for a long time there weren’t too many “boysy” books around and what I’ve done is tap into those good old-fashioned adventure stories that used to be so popular.” 
“I think they also appeal because they are ‘proper’ books for boys. I didn’t want them to be trashy throwaways – I wanted them to have depth. In the past, I have written thrillers for adults and I didn’t want to change my style just because I was writing for children.
“Some people say they are quite gory and in your face, but neither are they childlike and boys really like the feeling they are reading something grown up and what they would see as ‘cool’.”

Charlie will be appearing next Friday, 26 June, at the Holloway Arts Festival where he will talk about Young Bond and his new horror series, The Enemy.

Titan's James Bond Omnibus cover art

Cover art for Titan's books James Bond Omnibus: The Movie Collection has been revealed on

Due for release in September, this volume brings together eleven strip adventures that have previously been featured in earlier Titan collections: Casino Royale, Live and Let Die, Moonraker, Diamonds are Forever, From Russia With Love, Dr. No, Goldfinger, Risico, From a View to a Kill, For Your Eyes Only and Thunderball.

The book also includes an introduction by Sir Roger Moore.

Considering these are adaptations of the original Ian Fleming novels and have nothing to do with the film versions, calling this volume "The Movie Collection" seems odd (and potentially confusing). But could this be further evidence of some kind of new business arrangement between IFP and Danjaq? (September 25) (September 8)

UPDATE: Word is some of the details on the Amazon listing are inaccurate and will be revised.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

No new Bond novel the works

Here's a rather sobering article from The Bookseller about the future of the literary Bond.

While it isn't a surprise that Faulks will not be doing a second Bond novel, it is surprising (and disappointing) to learn IFP doesn't have "any firm plans" for a new Bond novel. I was hoping they had something in the works that we'd learn about this year.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Centenary paperbacks

Penguin Books is releasing the 14 original James Bond/Ian Fleming Centenary editions in paperback. With attractive new cover art by artist Michael Gillette, these editions were released in hardcover last year and went out of print after just a few months.

Image below of the From Russia With Love Centenary hardcover and new paperback from Illustrated 007.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

OO7 Magazine back in print!

PRESS RELEASE: After a 3-year ‘sabbatical’ as an online Internet publication only, 007 MAGAZINE is set to return during summer 2009 with not one, but two separate titles. The sister publication will be entitled 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE FILES, and the first issue will feature articles and many never-before-seen images from the making of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, in the film’s 40th anniversary year.

Each issue of 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE FILES will concentrate on aspects of one Bond film in the series’ history, while the original 007 MAGAZINE will contain a varied selection of features relating to all aspects of the James Bond phenomenon. Both 36-page ‘Limited Edition’ issues will retail at £9.99 each (plus £1.50 p&p - $20 surface mail) and will be published at intervals throughout the year on a non-subscription basis.

007 MAGAZINE editor & publisher Graham Rye explained, “I can think of no better way of celebrating 007 MAGAZINE’s 30th anniversary than the publication re-emerging in a printed format. When we ceased publishing 007 MAGAZINE as a paper publication in December 2005 many of our faithful long-time readers were less than enthusiastic about the changeover to the new media. So after being away for a three-year hiatus I’ve decided to return with a printed magazine format and this time to run two titles side-by-side, hopefully to cater for every possible taste in Bond fandom. With so many unseen images in the 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE this will prove a great opportunity to bring them to a wider audience.”

The 007 MAGAZINE website will continue to feature a large free view area while its 1,000-page feature-packed encrypted pay-to-view archive area will offer a newly reduced 12-month subscription fee of £9.99 ($16). The current £4.99 ($7.50) monthly subscription to the encrypted pay-to-view area will remain the same.

007 MAGAZINE first appeared in print in April 1979 and premiered on the World Wide Web during 1997, while its more recent web persona evolved during September 2004.

007 MAGAZINE publications and website feature the definitive work on the subject, covering everything relating to the James Bond phenomenon and spanning six decades from 1952 to the present day. During its 30-year history 007 MAGAZINE & ARCHIVE has become THE foremost worldwide focal point for countless enquiries relating to Bond, James Bond – and provides the ultimate resource for James Bond enthusiasts worldwide, and a unique commercial picture agency & information centre for the world’s media.

The 007 MAGAZINE ARCHIVE is the largest commercial archive of its kind in the world and many of its never-before-seen images will feature regularly throughout the pages of both 007 MAGAZINE publications.

Both 007 MAGAZINE publications will be printed in limited quantities, so if you wish to reserve a copy prior to publication (with no obligation to purchase),please email

Customers will be emailed when the publications are available for sale through the 007 MAGAZINE website.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Will BOND 23 include plot elements from DEVIL MAY CARE? is reporting that the James Bond filmmakers have hired a former Foreign Office official from the British Embassy in Kabul to provide technical advice about Afghanistan's lucrative opium trade. The official has signed a confidentiality agreement that precludes him from discussing the project, but this information suggests the next James Bond film could involve 007 in the world of Middle East drug smuggling.

Sound familiar?

While it's unlikely the filmmakers are considering adapting Devil May Care (they've already ruled that out), is it possible that have been inspired by the Sebastian Faulks bestseller and could incorporate some of the elements of the novel into the next James Bond film?

If so, my number one suggestion would be the Caspian Sea Monster. This cries out to be in a Bond movie!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The elusive exclusive

When Devil May Care was released in hardcover last year, it was accompanied by no less than three exclusive editions that kept collectors scrambling all over London to get them before they sold out (I know because I was one of them).

Well, it appears there is now a Devil May Care paperback exclusive for collectors to hunt down. Waterstone's is offering a very limited number of copies that include extra content in the back; an interview with author Sebastian Faulks and an essay on writing a thriller by Ian Fleming. These Waterstone's exclusives are marked as 3rd editions, and while I don't know the exact number published, I can report that Waterstone's Piccadilly sold out of their full stock in five days.

It's also becoming clear that true first edition paperbacks are quite rare. Fans are reporting seeing 5th printings on most store shelves.

Happy hunting!

Friday, June 5, 2009

IFP will reprint Thrilling Cities and The Diamond Smugglers

The new Ian Fleming Publications website reveals that 2009 will see the release of Ian Fleming's Thrilling Cities and The Diamond Smugglers. What's interesting is these two non-fiction (and non-Bond) books will be released under Ian Fleming Publications own publishing brand.

The Diamond Smugglers will include an introduction by Fergus Fleming. Thrilling Cities will be introduced by Jan Morris.

While these books are not Bond novels, Thrilling Cites does include the James Bond short story, 007 in New York.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Ian Fleming Publications website

Ian Fleming Publications have relaunched a fully redesigned official website at
The new site is very nicely laid out with information on all the Bond novels by all authors, as well as media galleries, a store, etc. The site also reveals the intriguing news that IFP will release two non-Bond Ian Fleming novels, Thrilling Cities and The Diamond Smugglers, under their own imprint.
The site reports that “plans for James Bond following Ian Fleming’s Centenary are well under way.” That's good!
Check it out:

Marketing award for 'Devil May Care'

The newly relaunched IFP website reports that Jane Rose of Penguin won the Daily Mail Marketing Campaign of the Year award for Devil May Care during the British Book Industry Awards, held on June 1st.

After thanking Penguin and the MOD for all their hard work, Jane dedicated the award to a certain Ian Fleming for starting all the fun in the first place.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

'Devil May Care' Italian paperback

The paperback edition of Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks (with a translation by Andrea Marti) is released this month in Italy.

As with the Italian hardcover (which used the U.S. cover art), this edition opts to break from the Penguin cover art and use something original.

Check out the pretty cool Italian Devil May Care publisher website.

Monday, June 1, 2009

'Devil May Care' Waterstones exclusive

Stop presses! A fan over at the CBn Forums alerts us to what appears to be a Waterstone's special edition paperback of Devil May Care with extra content. I'm trying to get to the bottom of this, but fans in the UK might want to go check out their local Waterstone's before snapping up a copy elsewhere. Here's the tip from "Loomis" at CBn:
Also, be aware that the DEVIL MAY CARE paperbacks on offer at Waterstones at the moment contain, as a "Waterstones exclusive", an interview with Faulks and an article by Fleming on writing thrillers (by this I don't, of course, mean that these pieces are exclusive to Waterstones in the sense that they're unavailable elsewhere, but that this Waterstones edition contains them whereas others, erm, don't). They're at the end of the book after the main text.
UPDATE: I contacted Penguin and got this response:
Many thanks for your email. Yes there is an edition exclusive to Waterstone's with the extra content you mention below. This is only in the first print run so you'll need to be quick to the shops to get one! The ISBN is the same across all stores, but you'll only be able to buy this edition in waterstones.

Hope this helps.

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