Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daniel Craig says BOND 23 has a title

According to a tweet by CNN reporter Andrea Mineo, the next James Bond movie has a title, but star Daniel Craig isn't saying what that title is.

Will it be one of these remaining Fleming titles: The Hilderbrand Rarity, The Property of Lady, 007 in New York or my personal favorite, Risico? Or might the filmmakers opt for a chapter title or even a rejected Fleming title? They have considered going the route in the past. I have it on good authority that Death Leaves an Echo (a working title for For Your Eyes Only) was at one time considered for the Bond 22, which ultimately became Quantum of Solace.

The reason I'm so excited to learn what type of title they will use is this could be an indicator as to whether we'll get a novelization of the 23rd James Bond film. This is The Book Bond after all! As a general rule, IFP issues tie-in reprints when the filmmakers use a Fleming title (Casino Royale) but have created novelizations when they use an original title (Die Another Day).

Come on original title!


  1. Never Die on Another Day , perhaps ?

  2. Never Say Death Leaves An Echo Until You Die Again

  3. Property of a Lady the best Fleming yet unused.

  4. The Property of a Lady WAS used in the auction scene in Octopussy (1983).

  5. A Bond film without a title , that would be something....

  6. Property of Risico in New York.

  7. Those of you who are serious James Bond die-hard fans,if you have read every article having to do with James Bond 23 on the internet and have seen every "possible title" fan trailer you-tubes and add the factor in that in one recent article of a Daniel Craig interview where he says that he knows the new title for the upcoming James Bond 23 movie,process of elimination clearly points to only and only either of one of two titles. They say that Ralph Fiennes who plays the lead villian who is "a very dark character" it would
    seem conclusively the movie will be called:
    The Hildebrand Rarity. Wouldn't you think that
    Ralph Fiennes would play the role of Professor Hildebrand and Javier Bardem would play the role of Fidel Barbey,supposedly having been a friend to 007 and then Bond finds out the whole entire time Barbey has been playing against 007 and Barbey and Hildebrand are the villians. I won't
    tell you Bond fans anymore, you'll find out for your eyes only later in the later of 2012.

  8. And I forgot to mention that the other possible title would be The Property Of A Lady,however it
    would be the only other choice,however not as likely since those related to the official production team of Eon Productions are the ones
    that released the information that Ralph Fiennes plays a very dark character in the movie,and if you read the short story The Hildebrand Rarity you would find that Professor Hildebrand is a very shadowy and dark kind of character. Or if they chose to use The Property Of A Lady then that could possibly mean that Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem continue on where Louis Jordan failed. Since 007 was able to stop that bomb from going off in time at the circus in West Germany in Octopussy, then The Property Of A Lady would follow as being 007's next assignment taking him on another dangerous mission this time with a drug cartel probably ten times more dangeroous than his mission in License To Kill.

  9. The title of the 23rd Bond movie is: "BOND, JAMESW BOND."

  10. Correction to previous comment: "BOND, JAMES BOND."

  11. Well I hope it one of the remaining Fleming titles. Not what Eon does making their own title Like Bronsan era & Timothy Second Bond movie which only Eon made them self. But they were based on Ian Fleming Titles.

  12. Who knows what the title will be..It will probably be something derivative with "Die" or "Death" in the title...Would like them to use "Carte Blanche". Just sounds like a traditional Bond title. But don't like the plot of that novel, so I say keep the title and throw out the plot.

  13. Rejected Fleming title? What titles did Ian Fleming consider but opted not to use?

  14. All you Bond fans can go on continuing your ideas
    for whatever your thoughts are as far as the name of the next film for:Bond 23. Most of all your ideas are all based on two things. First:
    your imagination combined with your creativity.
    Second:what you gather from your own perception and intuition combined with your insight from which you gather from reading many "Bond 23" articles on the internet. However, how many of
    you "Die Hard James Bond fans" ever bother to
    stop for a moment to try to put yourselves in
    the individual mindset of those whom are closely related to the Eon Production folks ranging between the film writers to the top production network. Don't ever try to put too much logic into this either, because over-doing it can drive anyone crazy regardless of how much of a die hard fan that you may be. In one way or another, we all have enough opinions and creative ideas that makes posting a comment on any of these available bond 23 sites really a whole lot of fun to share all of our ideas with
    each other.
    I cannot speak for anyone else but myself.
    My experiences obviously will differ from the rest of all of you. All I know is that I have read every bond story ever written and including just about every article ever written about the many variety of interviews between article writer and the folks that make up the Bond 23
    Production staff.
    Although many of you might think you know who I am ( Mr Anonymous) you have seen my comments recently posted on a few occassions. I also am
    human just like yourselves,which means I know and realize I could very well be wrong about the title of Bond 23, but many of my family;friends; and acquaintances know me to be a very very serious James Bond Aficianado in many more ways than one.
    Finally, I will leave you with how I left many of you the last time. I can identify part of myself as the one who commented about how I said that Ralph Fiennes plays the role of Professor Hildebrand and Javier Bardem plays the role of Fidel Barbey. A better than eighty percent realistic chance that Bond 23 will be called: The Hildebrand Rarity or near a twenty p-ercent chance that Fiennes & Bardem will have other villianous roles in Bond 23's: The Property Of A Lady.

  15. James Bond 23 will either be:
    The Hildebrand Rarity
    or it will be called:
    The Property Of A Lady

    An excellent chance that it will be either of
    these two titles.
    Ralph Fiennes - Professor Hildebrand
    - AND -
    Javier Bardem - Fidel Barbey


    - OR -


    The Property Of A Lady

    If this may be the alternative

    then Fiennes and Bardem play other

    villianous roles

  16. I knew I was right all along. I found a way to
    obtain access to the title of the new Bond 23
    title and with some of the photos of those actors who will be starring in "The Hildebrand
    Rarity" as well. Sorry! Can't tell you folks how
    I did it. So now if they change the title which I seriously doubt they will do, because if they
    do it is going to set them backwards somewhat and it will cause them to have to spend even more money to use another title and to spend time in changing the script to some degree. Altogether, it may evern change their scheduling
    around making everything more expensive for SONY/MGM and EON. They will never find out about
    who I really am. And yah, believe it or not I saved everything I could copy onto a disc that I
    have for my very own. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  17. Cool. Thanks for the insider info, Anon. :)

  18. Hello John Cox. I looked you up and I believe that you may be the same John Cox that works with the Bond 23 production team. So all you have to say to me is Cool. Thanks for the insider info. Nothing more to say? Are Barbara and Michael upset in any way over this leak?
    So now either they are going to keep the title as is: The Hildebrand Rarity or they'll change it to The Property Of A Lady. I know it may cost them a little $$$$ to change the title to a non-Fleming title.

  19. Yes, Barbara and Michael are very upset. Barbara is sitting beside me at the moment crying her eyes out, the poor thing. Michael is sitting silently, contemplating his future. I've suggested just going with a simple non-Fleming title like...Skyfall. Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

  20. I believe "Skyfall" will be the title song by Adele, however not the title of the new James Bond 23 movie.
    The very first story Ian Fleming wrote before his 1954 classic "Casino Royale" was a short story which later became part of the five short
    stories:"For Your Eyes Only & other short stories " James Bond's next adventure after his
    first would have been "Thunderball" but "Casino
    Royale" wound up getting published after his very first story which was the second to the first of his shortest James Bond stories ever
    written: "Reflections Of A Carey Cadillac" which
    Ian Fleming changed the title to "007 In New York". Ian Fleming's very first James Bond story was: "The Hildebrand Rarity". This will
    not be in any way a sequel to "Quantum Of Solace" but will be the next new adventure for the new James Bond 23 movie, which will be released October 18th 2012 in the U K and then
    November 8th 2012 in the U S.

  21. It should be blood stone 007.


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