Thursday, September 22, 2011

GARDNER BOX SET will be limited, release date Nov 10

UPDATE: You can now see the BOX ART at!

An update today on the upcoming John Gardner James Bond BOX SET from Orion. According to Simon Gardner, the set will be "limited to an initial print run of 200" and the release date is now November 10, 2011 (moved from Nov 3).

No image yet, but I'm intrigued by the notation on the Orion website that this set has "original artwork from Richard Chopping". But maybe that's just a reference to the Licence Renewed cover?

The set is currently 44% off at, bringing the price down from £80.00 to £44.80. These new hardcovers from Orion feature the original UK cover art and are currently available individually.

Visit our special Gardner Renewed page for information and links for all the current and upcoming John Gardner-James Bond reprints in the UK and U.S.

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  1. Oh. Well, I'm glad we can finally see the art! Thanks for that. Unfortunately, it's not what I was hoping. Had it been the Chopping art on the box, that would have swayed me over to buy the set. I won't entirely rule out buying it, but this artwork isn't putting me over the edge...


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