Tuesday, March 25, 2008

FIRST LOOK: Double or Die U.S. hardcover

Our friends at Disney Publishing have given us an advanced first look at the new U.S. edition of Charlie Higson’s Double or Die, due for release on April 22. The book is a high quality hardcover with dust jacket sporting breathtaking new artwork by Kev Walker.

Says author Charlie Higson, “It’s fantastic to see the new American cover of Double or Die which has all the romance and atmosphere I imagined when writing the books. Double or Die is a new start for Young Bond in the states and I’m very excited about its release.”

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Charlie Higson talks 'By Royal Command'

The Young Bond Dossier has sat down with Charlie Higson for a quick Q&A about his fifth (and maybe not so final) Young Bond adventure, By Royal Command.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bond fans give new title ROYAL seal of approval

Bond fans can be a contentious and opinionated lot, but it appears they are generally united in feeling that By Royal Command is an excellent title for Charlie Higson’s fifth Young Bond novel.

In a poll currently running on the CommanderBond.net forums (THE gathering place for Bond fans young and old), a whopping 93% “love” the new title, while only 7% “are not amused.” Furthermore, in a poll asking which of the five Young Bond titles is their favorite, By Royal Command comes out way ahead at 67%, followed by SilverFin at 13%, and the remaining three titles tying for third at 7%.

Many fans have keyed into the similarity to Ian Fleming’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and with what we know about action in The Alps and a love story, it appears By Royal Command may indeed echo that classic Fleming novel.

By Royal Command will be released by Puffin in hardcover on September 4, 2008. Pre-order information is not yet available.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


In a nice bit of serendipity, Charlie Higson tells us he has completed his fifth Young Bond novel, By Royal Command, on the same day the title was officially announced by Puffin and Ian Fleming Publications.

By Royal Command sees Young Bond in action from England to the chilling heights of the Austrian Alps. Charlie says this final Young Bond novel will be the most Bond-like in theme and scope. Publisher Puffin says the book “is meant to be the best one yet!”

By Royal Command will be released in hardcover on September 4, 2008.


For immediate release, Thursday 6th March 2008

Puffin and Ian Fleming Publications announce that the next book in Charlie Higson’s bestselling Young Bond series, to be published on 4th September 2008, will be entitled By Royal Command.

Young Bond’s most daring adventure yet takes him from England to the chilling heights of the Austrian Alps. When his whole world explodes, James is forced to go on the run, pursued by enemy agents and the British authorities. James must choose between friendship and duty. His life will never be the same again…

By Royal Command will be published in hardback, priced £12.99

The Young Bond books have to date sold nearly three-quarters of a million copies combined. The series was launched with SilverFin in 2005 and was followed by Blood Fever in 2006, Double or Die, published in January 2007 and Hurricane Gold in September 2007.

By Royal Command will be published in hardback on September 4, 2008, priced £12.99. Pre-order from Amazon.co.uk


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