Thursday, November 12, 2020

Orion renews FOR SPECIAL SERVICES for 2020

A new paperback edition of John Gardner's second James Bond continuation novel, For Special Services, is released today on Orion Books. Below is the cover and synopsis.

In this heart-stopping thriller, James Bond teams up with CIA agent Cedar Leiter, to investigate a dangerous criminal, suspected of reviving the notorious organisation SPECTRE. The organisation was believed to have been disbanded years earlier following the death of its leader, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, at the hands of Bond (in You Only Live Twice), but it seems that this is far from true. 

Bond discovers that the revitalised SPECTRE has the most devastating, world-threatening plans: to gain control of America's military space satellite network.

Orion will release a new 40th Anniversary paperback edition of Gardner's first Bond book, License Renewed, in August 2021. So why release his second book now? Well, I expect the plan was to release a book to time with the release of the new Bond film, No Time To Die. But we all know what happened with that

So why not go ahead and get your Bond fix this Fall from For Special Services. It is one of the most cinematic of all the Gardner books.

"Read any good books lately?"

Purchase For Special Services (2020 edition) at

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Inscribed LIVE AND LET DIE sells for $250,000

A first UK edition of Live and Let Die inscribed by Ian Fleming to Winston Churchill sold today in Sotheby's "James Bond: A Collection of Books and Manuscripts, The Property of a Gentleman" auction for £189,000 ($249,647). This has got to easily be the highest price every paid for a James Bond book.

Ian Fleming's final revised typescript for Diamonds are Forever took £138,600 ($183,074). 

You can browse all the prices realized HERE.

JAMES BOND turns 100

Today marks the 100th birthday of James Bond. Well, it does if we accept the birthdate of November 11, 1920 given to him by John Pearson in the 1973 continuation novel James Bond the Authorized Biography of 007. While others have gone on to provide different dates, Pearson was the first and I really enjoy his book, so... Happy Birthday old boy!

Thanks to the Neil S. Bulk for the reminder.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

LICENCE RENEWED 40th Anniversary edition in 2021

A new 40th Anniversary paperback edition of John Gardner's Licence Renewed will be released by Orion Books in August of 2021. The book includes a new introduction by author M. J. Arlidge. Below is the cover art (which is not great).

You can pre-order the Licence Renewed 40th Anniversary paperback at

Thanks to on Twitter for the alert.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Folio Society reveals O.H.M.S.S.

The Folio Society has revealed their next illustrated slip-cased Ian Fleming classic, On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is a thrilling tour of beautiful and exotic locations, with the setting playing an essential role in Bond’s adventures. Fleming sweeps the reader up into the thin and dangerous atmosphere of the Alps, then lets them hurtle downwards on Bond’s heels as he skis for his life ahead of an oncoming avalanche, or tears the skin from his elbows on an out-of-control bob-sled pursuit. Series illustrator Fay Dalton uses these extraordinary vistas to convey the high stakes of Bond’s latest adventure, as well as taking her usual care with the book’s iconic characters. Tracy, the woman who wins Bond’s heart by recklessly outdriving him, sizzles on the page, while the sinister Blofeld oozes menace.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Folio Edition is priced at $64.95 and is available from the Folio Society website.

Friday, October 2, 2020

007 beach towel FUSES the book and film Bond

Here's a curiosity that I've had for years. This James Bond beach towel, which dates to the 1980s, is an interesting fusion of the movie and literary James Bond. You'll note the image of Bond is clearly Roger Moore from For Your Eyes Only. Yet the "James Bond" typeface is from the Berkley paperbacks and John Gardner books. The sail boats and young lady in the background are, well, from the '80s.

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