Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Thanks to the good folks at Hodder & Stoughton, I've scored a limited Carte Blanche Red Edition. It's gorgeous! Watch for my hands-on review with more photos and video showing the embedded bullet, etc., soon.

You can purchase the Carte Blanche Red Edition at

UPDATE: Look inside the Carte Blanche Red Edition (video)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pegasus sets release date for two more JOHN GARDNER U.S. paperbacks is now listing two more U.S. John Gardner James Bond paperback reprints from Pegasus. No Deals, Mr. Bond and Scorpius will be released on October 15, 2012.

The good folks at Pegasus have kindly given me a sneak peek at the Dan Mogford cover art for both books. What's nice is this gives us our first look at what will likely be the UK cover art for Scoprius as well. I like!

Visit our special Gardner Renewed page for links and release date updates for all the Gardner-Bond reprints in the U.S. and UK.

Monday, February 20, 2012

JOHN GARDNER U.S. (true) first edition hardcovers

Having posted the Ian Fleming U.S. hardcovers the other day, I figured I'd roll right into the U.S. hardcover first editions of the James Bond continuation novels by John Gardner.

The Licence To Kill I've included above is a U.S. hardcover bookclub edition, which I think sits nicely among these. While the Mysterious Press released three hardcover special editions in the U.S., this book club edition proceeded those. There was no U.S. hardcover for GoldenEye. Death Is Forever originally came with a sticker affixed to the cover which you can see here.

Now, before someone dumps on these U.S. designs in comparison to the admittedly more attractive UK covers (which I'll post at a later date), know that I don't hate these. In fact, I really like them! A lot of this has to do with nostalgia, as I can recall the moment when and where I found every new edition. But I also like that they remained uniform throughout Gardner's 16 year reign. They line-up nicely on the shelf. And the popping primary colors did not look out of place among other mystery/espionage books on bookstore shelves at the time (think about the Dick Francis hardcovers).

It should also be noted that apart from the last two books, all the U.S. editions proceeded the UK versions, so these are the "true firsts." In some cases the U.S. texts are also more complete than what was published in the UK, the most dramatic example being that only the U.S. edition of COLD (retitled Cold Fall) features the Book One/Book Two structure.

So, sure, they're a little fugly, but... Respect!

License Renewed – Richard Marek, April 27, 1981.
For Special Services – McCann and Geoghegan, May 3, 1982.
Icebreaker - Putnam, March 27, 1983.
Role of Honor - Putnam, September 1984.
Nobody Lives Forever - Putnam, May 1986.
No Deals, Mr. Bond - Putnam, April, 1987.
Scorpius - Putnam, May 9, 1988.
Win Lose or Die - Putnam, July 1989.
Licence To Kill – Charter Book Club, 1989.
Brokenclaw - Putnam, July 17, 1990.
The Man From Barbarossa – Putnam, May 1991.
Death Is Forever - Putnam, June 1992.
Never Send Flowers - Putnam, May 31, 1993.
SeaFire - Putnam, August 31, 1994.
Cold Fall - Putnam, June 1996.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Queen Anne Press to release IAN FLEMING: THE BIBLIOGRAPHY in October

Here's some great news! Queen Anne Press (who released the ultimate Ian Fleming Collection in 2008) have announced a new publication, Ian Fleming: The Bibliography, for release in October 2012. Here are the details from the official press release:


by Jon Gilbert

A comprehensive description of Ian Fleming’s literary oeuvre that ranges from the first draft of Casino Royale in 1952 to editions still being published sixty years later. Unparalleled in scope and scholarship, this is a critical reference book for fans of one of the twentieth century’s greatest thriller writers.
Ian Fleming was a journalist, publisher, travel writer, motor enthusiast, card player, accomplished golfer and noted bibliophile, but above all he was the creator of secret agent James Bond 007, an icon of popular culture.
Much has been written about Fleming and his legendary creation, but until now there has been no serious bibliographical account of his published work. Ian Fleming: The Bibliography is not only an indispensable source of information for collectors, enthusiasts, libraries and booksellers alike, but an entertaining and informative volume that will appeal to anyone interested in the James Bond phenomenon. It covers every aspect of Fleming's writing, from the manuscript stage, through typescripts, uncorrected proofs, advance and review copies, first and subsequent impressions, paperback printings, omnibus and collected editions, as well as periodical appearances, comic strip adaptations, young reader and large print editions published in Britain and America. There are sections covering Fleming’s more obscure literary endeavours, as well as his published reviews and interviews. Each main entry includes an engaging narrative on the conception, editorial process and marketing of the novel, complemented by a full list of source books. Biographies of Fleming's closest confidants are provided, and a detailed chronology of the author's life completes this bibliographical masterpiece.
The work has been compiled with the approval of Ian Fleming’s literary estate and the assistance of the Ian Fleming Foundation.
The Author 
Jon Gilbert is perhaps the foremost expert on the works of Ian Fleming and the literary history of James Bond. Through Adrian Harrington Ltd, he has become an internationally renowned dealer in rare Fleming material. Ian Fleming: The Bibliography is the result of both a career immersed in the writings of Ian Fleming, and three years intensive research following Fleming’s centenary year in 2008.

Format and Binding styles

Hardback, 700 pages with over 1000 illustrations (many in colour), available in standard and deluxe editions. Full details to be confirmed. Standard Edition - Price: £150 (to be confirmed) ISBN: to be announced Deluxe Edition - Price: £250 (TBC)

Available from Queen Anne Press

Thanks to Andres Frejdh at From Sweden With Love and Matt Sherman of James BONDLIST ( for the tip.

Amazon lists two SKYFALL tie-in books is now listing two Skyfall tie-in books available for pre-order.

The first is Bond on Set: Filming Skyfall by Greg Williams. This will be the fourth "Bond on Set" book from Willams, which feature behind the scenes photographs from the making of the Bond films.

Amazon is also listing LIFE 50 Years of James Bond: On the Run with 007, from Dr. No to Skyfall. No details on this release.

Of course, what I'm waiting for is any news of a Skyfall novelization. That's the tie-in I really want.

Friday, February 17, 2012

MI6 Confidential looks at the art of Young Bond

Editor Hugh Maddocks alerts me that the lastest issue of his James Bond fanzine, MI6 Confidential, features a look back at Kev Walker's artwork for the Young Bond series, including an unused cover for Blood Fever that even I've never seen (third from the left). Very nice!

This issue also has a terrific profile of the life and art of Richard Chopping with some nice images of his From Russia With Love cover. And a very fine article about Bond strip artist Yaroslav Horak. All in all, a must get for fans of the literary 007.

You can purchase this issue of MI6 Confidential (#13) at

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The IAN FLEMING U.S. hardcover first editions

The classic Ian Fleming UK first editions are well-known and have even been reproduced on postcards, stamps, and in new collector sets. So I thought I'd share here instead the U.S. first edition hardcovers from my collection, because I figure people haven't really seen these and I like some of these covers. While less valuable than the UK editions, it's been my experience that these are actually harder to find, especially in Fine condition. One curiosity is the U.S. edition of Goldfinger matches the UK edition exactly, except for the publisher name, Macmillan, on the spine and title page. Anyway, enjoy.

Casino Royale - Macmillian, March 23, 1954.
Live and Let Die - Macmillian, April 1955.
Moonraker - Macmillian, September 20, 1955.
Diamonds Are Forever - Macmillian, October 1956.
From Russia With Love - Macmillian, September 3, 1957.
Dr. No - Macmillian, June 24, 1958.
Goldfinger - Macmillian, August 18, 1959.
For Your Eyes Only - Viking Press, 1960.
Thunderball - Viking Press, April 24, 1961.
The Spy Who Loved Me - Viking Press, 1962.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - New American Library, September 1963.
You Only Live Twice - New American Library, August 1964.
The Man With The Golden Gun - New American Library, August 23, 1965.
Octopussy - New American Library, 1966.

Monday, February 13, 2012

THE JAMES BOND LEXICON promises a comprehensive look at 007

I've pretty much stopped buying books about the James Bond phenomenon, but I WILL be picking up The James Bond Lexicon: The Unofficial Guide to the World of OO7 in Movies, Novels, and Comics by Alan J. Porter when it is released by Hasslein Books in late 2012 or 2013.

This looks like it's going to be more in lines with Raymond Benson's classic The James Bond Bedside Companion or Simpson & Lane's The Bond Files in that it will cover the entire Bond phenomenon in books, films, and comics. It's been a long time since we've gotten a truly comprehensive reference book on 007 (one that doesn't limit Bond's entire history to twenty-something films), and the word "unofficial" doesn't trouble me one bit. In fact, I see that as a plus. Really looking forward to this.

Thanks to Anders Frejdh and his awesome From Sweden With Love website for the tip. You can follow the latest on this book at The James Bond Lexicon on Tumblr.

Monday, February 6, 2012

JOHN GARDNER first edition paperbacks 1982-1997

With the new John Gardner paperback reprints beginning to roll out in the U.S. and UK, here's a look back at the John Gardner first edition paperbacks (from my own collection) as they appeared from 1982 to 1997.

I should point out that I've also seen the UK Nobody Lives Forever paperback with a red cover, but the one in my collection is a Canadian edition so I'm not sure whether it was ever released with the red cover in the UK. Also note that my Role of Honour is also Canadian (the tip-off is the General logo and dollar price), but I'm pretty sure it is the exact same cover art as used in the UK.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

CARTE BLANCHE Polish paperback

Reader Kamil sends over this cover art for the Polish paperback edition of Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver due for release in March by Wydawnictwo Albatros. Nice to see something a little different.

Thank you, Kamil.

Friday, February 3, 2012

SilverFin nominated for Blue Peter's Book of the Decade

Ian Fleming Publications reports that SilverFin, the first book in Charlie Higson's bestselling Young Bond series, has been selected as one of Blue Peter's ten best children's books of the last ten years.

Blue Peter are asking viewers and readers to vote for their favorite book on the short-list to decide which title will win the coveted award. Go to Blue Peter's website to cast your vote!

The contest is open until the 26th February and the winner will be announced on 1st March.

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