Friday, February 17, 2012

MI6 Confidential looks at the art of Young Bond

Editor Hugh Maddocks alerts me that the lastest issue of his James Bond fanzine, MI6 Confidential, features a look back at Kev Walker's artwork for the Young Bond series, including an unused cover for Blood Fever that even I've never seen (third from the left). Very nice!

This issue also has a terrific profile of the life and art of Richard Chopping with some nice images of his From Russia With Love cover. And a very fine article about Bond strip artist Yaroslav Horak. All in all, a must get for fans of the literary 007.

You can purchase this issue of MI6 Confidential (#13) at


  1. I have to say (I can't hold it in any longer) that I don't consider 'Young Bond' as anything but a cynical promotional gimmick and hate to see it listed alongside the works and legacy of Fleming.

  2. Have you read any? That was how I felt until I read them, and came to regard them among the best of the continuation novels.


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