Sunday, April 5, 2009

Find Your Fate with James Bond

In 1985, as a tie-in with the 14th James Bond film, A View To A Kill, Ballantine Books published four James Bond "Find Your Fate" adventures. The first three books, Win, Place, or Die by R.L. Stine, Strike It Deadly by Barbara & Scott Siegel, and Programmed For Danger by Jean M. Favors, used characters from the film with expanded locations and situations. The final book, Barracuda Run by Steven Otfinoski, was an original Bond adventure set in Tahiti.

Perhaps the best thing about these books is the fantastic cover art.


  1. Interesting, thanks. And great covers indeed!

  2. had the first two as a kid. My mom bought it for me at the school book fair since I loved the film so much. Hours of entertainment before the era of video games

  3. Very interesting information, thanks. As Barracuda Run has Dr. Hans Glaub in it, it also is kind of a AVTAK-tie-in, isnt it?

    1. Oh, I didn't realize he was in Barracuda Run. Okay, I guess they are all ATAK tie-ins then. Thanks.


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