Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bond fans give new title ROYAL seal of approval

Bond fans can be a contentious and opinionated lot, but it appears they are generally united in feeling that By Royal Command is an excellent title for Charlie Higson’s fifth Young Bond novel.

In a poll currently running on the forums (THE gathering place for Bond fans young and old), a whopping 93% “love” the new title, while only 7% “are not amused.” Furthermore, in a poll asking which of the five Young Bond titles is their favorite, By Royal Command comes out way ahead at 67%, followed by SilverFin at 13%, and the remaining three titles tying for third at 7%.

Many fans have keyed into the similarity to Ian Fleming’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and with what we know about action in The Alps and a love story, it appears By Royal Command may indeed echo that classic Fleming novel.

By Royal Command will be released by Puffin in hardcover on September 4, 2008. Pre-order information is not yet available.

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