Monday, June 1, 2009

'Devil May Care' Waterstones exclusive

Stop presses! A fan over at the CBn Forums alerts us to what appears to be a Waterstone's special edition paperback of Devil May Care with extra content. I'm trying to get to the bottom of this, but fans in the UK might want to go check out their local Waterstone's before snapping up a copy elsewhere. Here's the tip from "Loomis" at CBn:
Also, be aware that the DEVIL MAY CARE paperbacks on offer at Waterstones at the moment contain, as a "Waterstones exclusive", an interview with Faulks and an article by Fleming on writing thrillers (by this I don't, of course, mean that these pieces are exclusive to Waterstones in the sense that they're unavailable elsewhere, but that this Waterstones edition contains them whereas others, erm, don't). They're at the end of the book after the main text.
UPDATE: I contacted Penguin and got this response:
Many thanks for your email. Yes there is an edition exclusive to Waterstone's with the extra content you mention below. This is only in the first print run so you'll need to be quick to the shops to get one! The ISBN is the same across all stores, but you'll only be able to buy this edition in waterstones.

Hope this helps.

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