Monday, July 30, 2012


OO7 Magazine, the longest running James Bond fanzine, is out now with issue #55.

As you can see from the cover, the new Bond film SKYFALL is covered in "Will BOND 23 rise or fall?" by Luke Williams. Robert Sellers, author of The Battle for Bond, looks back at "The Search For Bond: How the 007 role was won and lost" in the first of a four part series. Photographer Terry O'Neill is interviewed about his career working with all five James Bond actors and his upcoming book, All About Bond.

Finally, book Bond fans will be interested in “Balloon, mein herr?”, an examination by Luke Williams of the fascinating parallels between the film versions of Graham Greene’s The Third Man (1949) and Ian Fleming’s The Living Daylights (1987).

You can purchase OO7 Magazine #55 along with all the current issues of the OO7 Magazine Archive Files at the OO7 Magazine website.


  1. Sorry, but I refuse to pay $24 for a magazine that has pirated content. The front cover itself is a screen grab from the trailer on YouTube and not a proper still. Check out 1m17s from the first teaser trailer. 007 Magazine has dropped so far in quality it’s not even using proper photographs any more.

    1. I don't care that it's a screen grab from the trailer. It makes a cool cover. Also, having received this issue, and owning every issue of OO7, I can say the quality has never been better. The writing is truly top notch. What I like about OO7 is it's aimed at the hardcore Bond fan, like me, who wants something above and beyond what's officially available at the moment.

  2. Below is a posting from the forum of
    The James Bond International Fan Club

    Different name but obviously the same twisted individual.

    Re: 007 Magazine issue #55
    Posted by Ajay on 03/08/2012 07:26:32

    "Yeah. It has screen grabs from the YouTube trailer and not proper photographs. Check out 1m17s from the first teaser and you'll find their 'cover shot'. Not only is this terrible quality, and ethically objectional (007 Magazine has not admitted this to its readers), but it's also illegal and a flagrant breach of Sony/MGM copyright. You're not allowed to simply take shots from video and pass them off as photos. It's copyright theft.

    It's sad how far that publication has fallen."

    John Cox is right! These new issues of the 007 Magazine publications are among the best ever produced. And with no official Bond magazines out there at all 007 Magazine is in a class all of its own.

  3. I too have this magazine and the cover shot is not terrible quality. Who cares if it is not a real still - the content inside is what matters and it is superb. Stuff you just don't get anywhere else. Certainly not from MI6 Confidential and not at all from KKBB which seems to have died a death. Long live 007 MAGAZINE... nobody does it better!

  4. Stuff you don't get anywhere else... Well, YouTube has the 'images' and a host of 007 message boards are choc full of opinion. That covers the bulk of the mag.

    1. Really? The magazine has an exclusive and fascinating interview with Terry O'Neill. Another exclusive article (one of four) by Robert Sellers on the casting of Bond and the actors who were approached and other unique articles... so how is this on 007 message boards? Idiot.

  5. The anonymous bunch of creeps who will write *anything* in various Bond forums on the Internet to discredit the quality and reputation of 007 Magazine can write as many lies as their little minds can think up. But the one glaring fact above all else is, that nobody does do it better!

    1. Well said. There are those who do (007 MAGAZINE), those who can't do (KKBB) and those who criticize (all the rest of the morons who want to discredit the best Bond magazine there is...and always has been). 30 years and still going from strength to strength. Bravo Mr Rye -don't let these naysayers stop you from producing quality publications.


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