Friday, April 21, 2017

Dynamite will reveal the ORIGIN of James Bond

Bleeding Cool reports that Dynamite Entertainment revealed huge news about their James Bond comic line at the Diamond comic book retailer summit in Chicago. An upcoming series will explore the "never before told" origin of James Bond 007.

This will be the 100% origin story of the secret agent James Bond, officially approved by the Ian Fleming estate. 
The creative team have not yet been announced, but Bleeding Cool understands that it is intended to be set in the original James Bond timeline, with his adventures in World War II.

Of course, James Bond's origin was explored in the semi-official James Bond The Authorized Biography of 007 by John Pearson as well as the Young Bond novels, but this is still pretty exciting!

Full details on the Dynamite panel at Bleeding Cool.

UPDATE: The official Ian Fleming Publications website has confirmed the World War II timeline and provided a few more details HERE.


  1. Hmmm. A bit odd as Dynamite's Bond comics are set in the modern day. A shame we can't get a period set movie that does it instead.

  2. That's a fantastic news! However the article on Bleeding Cool doesn't say anything about Broccoli family approval. It must have been changed.

    1. Oh! Indeed. I quoted direct and it looks like that part of sentence was removed. Guess I should remove it as well.


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