Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Official YOUNG BOND website gets a makeover

In anticipation of Steve Cole's first Young Bond novel due out November 6, 2014, the official Young Bond website at has received a makeover. The site now features the new Young Bond logo and links to the latest printings of all the books. It's also teases that "we'll be revealing the cover and title very soon," so you might want to go and sign-up for the new Young Bond newsletter now.

In his first Young Bond book, Steve Cole picks up where Charlie Higson left off and throws James Bond into action in Hollywood, CA.

Pre-order Untitled Young Bond by Steve Cole on


  1. I thought that the book was coming out in September. Damn, another 2 months to wait. Oh well. :)

  2. we loved the book and we are half way through the story and so far we think it is fantastic. are books come to school with us every day and we read them all the time. We are inspired by you to write more stories.
    Thanks from
    Alex and Josh from Pershore high school


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