Tuesday, April 29, 2014

German reprint of COLONEL SUN in September

Yesterday we had news that the first three John Gardner James Bond novels will be reprinted in Germany with cover art by Michael Gillette. Now comes word that the first continuation novel, Colonel Sun by Kingsley Amis, will also be reprinted in Germany with a Gillette cover...and here it is!

Like the Gardner titles, the publisher is Cross Cult and the release date is September 2014.

A big thank you to "boeserzwlling" for making this discovery.


  1. I still have no love for Mr. Gillette's work on the Bond novels. The style is very feminine and more suited to the long dead art of girl's comics and books. Yet again these new covers do nothing to amplify or enhance the fact that these are James Bond novels or give one a clue to what may be found inside.

    Graham Rye
    007 MAGAZINE

  2. Any chance they might do the same here in the UK? I'd love to get my hands on a nice new copy of this!


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