Friday, September 6, 2013

Is there a new YOUNG BOND author in place?

Our friend Simon over at the CBn Forums has picked up on something interesting while listening to an interview with Charlie Higson on Radio 2 about his new book The Fallen. Here's what Simon says (see what I did there?):

I just heard an interview with Charlie on Radio 2 tonight and Young Bond came up, obviously.

While he was promoting something else due in September he was saying that he had been procrastinating about "polishing someone else's gold" for so long that, "now, I think, they have someone else."

In April of last year Charlie Higson hinted that IFP might continue the Young Bond series with a new author. Could this be an indication that the new author is in place and maybe working on his first book? Might we hear something about the future of Young Bond after the launch of Solo?

Thank you Simon.

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  1. I hope so. I was skeptical at first when the 1st series was announced, then I couldn't get enough of them.
    I only hope whoever they choose (if) continues with what Higson created. It bugs me when other authors screw up the canon by disregarding other peoples works like Faulks did with Amis and Boyd has with Pearson and Higson.
    Gardner and Benson were able to do it.

  2. Hm. I want more HIGSON BOND (young, old or anywhere in between!) more than I want more Young Bond. I was dubious of the concept at first, and it totally completely worked... because of Higson. I'm absolutely a fan of those books, but still a fan of the author rather than the concept, which goes back to being dubious the moment someone else picks up the reins. Of course, if they do more with another author, I'll totally give that person the benefit of the doubt and try their work hoping for the best... but what I really want is more Higson Bond.

    1. Just about sums it up for me, too. Higson tackled YB, a potentially thankless task, with amazing skill and judgement; can the next guy manage that? Little more than a slightly clumsy hand can make the whole YB concept slip into farce. Good luck to the YB successor, of course, but understand the pitfalls. Continuation Bond writing is a fairly thankless task, in any case. And I do wonder if Higson's personal Bond moment has past, for now at least...


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