Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet the real Major Boothroyd

Check out this sensational video of Geoffrey Boothroyd -- the real-life "Major Boothroyd" (aka Q) from the Ian Fleming novels -- discussing the guns of James Bond. This promotional video was made during the production of Goldfinger and first aired on the BBC. It can also be found on the Dr. No DVD.

Thanks to CEL Welsh for the tip.


  1. Very interesting. I was slightly taken aback by Connery's think accent here, especially after listening to the Live and Let Die audiobook!

  2. Kudos to the late Mr. Boothroyd, for he clearly knew his firearms. I'm also somewhat impressed at his correct German pronunciation of "Walther". Apart from apparently firing a blank in the direction of the cameraman for the quick-draw demonstration (though such a lapse of safety considerations might not have been given a second thought at the time the film was made), he seems to have been a very professional and well-educated man.


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