Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jeffery Deaver's Italian CARTE BLANCHE book tour dates

Jeffery Deaver embarks this weekend on a tour of Italy promoting his new James Bond novel, Carte Blanche (or Carta Bianca, if you will). Here is the tour schedule from Deaver's official website:

September 17, 2011, Pordenone, Italy
Literary Festival in Pordenone
11 am - Presentation of the book in Piazza Marconi. Introduced by Luca Crovi.

September 18, 2011, Treviso, Italy
5:30 - Presentation of the book at Ubik Bookshop, Corso del Popolo, 40.
Introduced by Maurizio Crema, journalist at Gazzettino Veneto.

September 19, 2011, Padova, Italy
Noir Festival
6:00 - Presentation of the book at Lovat Bookstore (Mall center Padova Est). Introduced by Alice Bertolini, journalist at Corriere Veneto.

September 20, 2011, Marsala, Sicily
9 pm - Presentation of the book to Cantine Pellegrino, via del Fante, 39.

September 21, 2011, Palermo, Sicily
6.30 pm - Presentation of the book at Flaccovio bookstore, inForum Shopping Centre, Via Filippo Pecoraino. Introduced by Adriana Falsone

September 22, 2011, Messina, Sicily
8 pm - Presentation of the book at Ciofalo Bookstore, Piazza Municipio, 35

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