Monday, June 11, 2007

Shark Bait stories confirmed

Titan Books has confirmed for The Young Bond Dossier that their next collection of classic James Bond comic strips, Shark Bait, will contain the stories "Shark Bait," "Doomcrack" and "The Xanadu Connection." The collection will also feature part 2 of an article about James Bond’s adventures in U.S. comics.

In "Shark Bait," 007 teams with a female KGB agent to thwart a renegade Royal Navy plot. The story appeared in the Scandinavian magazine James Bond Agent 007 in 1992. This will be its first appearance in English.

"Doomcrack" finds Bond battling SPECTRE who threaten world monuments with a powerful new weapon. "Doomcrack" appeared in the Daily Star from February 1981, and is unique in it’s the only story illustrated by artist Harry North (who also illustrated the Moonraker parody, Moneyraker, for MAD Magazine #213).

Bond travels to Mongolia in "The Xanadu Connection" and tangles with a local villain named Kubla Khan. The story appeared in the Norwegian comic 007 Agent James Bond in 1984.

Titan’s Shark Bait collection is now available for pre-order at and The release date is February 12, 2008.

Thanks to Zarah Harrison. Story info from The Bond Files by Andy Lane and Paul Simpson and Just Johnnie’s James Bond Comics website.

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