Sunday, June 17, 2007

Finalized HURRICANE GOLD cover art

Our friends at Coleman Getty (the PR machine behind Young Bond) have provided us with the first high-res image of the finalized Hurricane Gold cover art.

The Hurricane Gold cover was first seen the hands of author Charlie Higson in a photo that accompanied the press release announcing the book’s September 6, 2007 release. The above art differs in a few key regards. First, the name of Charlie Higson is now embossed on the cover below the title. Also, the wrap-around banner is completely revamped, now showing the book title inside the familiar Young Bond logo and omitting the silhouette of the crocodile (presumably the “creature encounter” of this book).

Hurricane Gold sees young Bond battling gangsters in the jungles of Mexico. It is the fourth book in the bestselling Young Bond series.

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