Saturday, June 9, 2007

Alex Rider author passed on Young Bond

A member of the official Anthony Horowitz messageboard claims the Alex Rider author was originally offered the Young Bond series by Ian Fleming Publications, but turned it down.

“Anthony told me when I met him last year,” says a member by the name of Tyler. “I had mentioned to him the Young Bond series and he gave up the information about how it was brought to him first and he passed on it. He does think Charlie Higson is a good writer, Anthony was in no way rude or bashing the Young Bond series. It just wasn't for him.”

I haven’t read the Alex Rider novels myself, but I did see the recent film version of Stormbreker. While I confess I enjoyed the film (particularly the young actor playing Rider), I do think the film and the world of Alex Rider is pure James Bond pastiche.

Had Horowitz brought this same sensibility to Young Bond, we could have gotten the dreaded “James Bond Jr. redux” that fans originally feared, instead of the highly literate and original series Charlie Higson delivered.

The next Alex Rider novel, Snakehead, is due out in November.

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