Sunday, April 22, 2007

Amazon leaks YOUNG BOND 4 title?

The Canadian and Japanese Amazon websites have leaked what appears to be the title of Young Bond 4...

Hurricane Gold

The Japanese site shows a release date of September 6, 2007. The Canadian site shows a late October release. Both sites show the book as a 400 page hardcover.

In a second surprise, the Japanese Amazon shows an additional listing for a Hurricane Gold Collectable Limited Edition. Not sure if this is similar to the SilverFin and Blood Fever Collectors Editions, as those were Waterstone’s exclusives not available online.

Probably best to wait for official confirmation from IFP before we take this title to heart (I remember Raymond Benson’s High Time To Kill first appeared on Amazon under its working title “A Better Way To Die”). But for the moment, it looks like Young Bond 4 is Hurricane Gold...and I like it!

UPDATE: The title is confirmed!

UPDATE 2: Puffin tells me they are not yet sure yet if there will be a Hurricane Gold Limited Edition.

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