Monday, July 16, 2018

New JAMES BOND 007 series in November

The New York Times reports that a new series from Dynamite called just James Bond 007 will begin in November. It will be written by Greg Pak and drawn by Marc Laming, with colors by Triona Farrell and letters by Ariana Maher. In it, Bond will be joined by a new man of mystery, with impressive fighting skills and a familiar razor-sharp hat...

With this generic title, I'm not sure exactly how or where this fits in the Dynamite universe, but I guess we'll find out in November! Issue #1 will come in four different covers.


  1. Reminds me of Green Hornet comics a bit if they're going to have Bond team up with the son of Oddjob...if that's what we're getting..

  2. I'm happy Dynamite's got a new ongoing 007 series... but I REALLY miss the old title treatment! That was WAY better than this bland one, with the "007" interlocking with the O in Bond.

    Also, I hope they still do miniseries as well... or else that there's still room for Andy Diggle and Luca Casalanguida to do future arcs in the ongoing. I really like their work on Bond so far!


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