Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dynamite will release collected edition of one-shot JAMES BOND comics

It appears Dynamite will release their four "one-shot" James Bond 007 comics in a collected hardcover edition on July 17, 2018. Below is a description of James Bond Case Files Vol. 1.

Contains Four exhilarating stand alone Bond stories from superstar creators. 
SERVICE: In contemporary politics, where Britain's world standing is often more zero than 007, an assassin plans to exterminate the "special relationship," and lead Britain and the United States into a very dark place...especially when he does so by aiming down the sights of an ancient Enfield rifle! It'll test Bond's deadly talents to their limits, in order to defeat the assassin and avert certain geopolitical disaster... 
MONEYPENNY: Friend of JAMES BOND, former MI6 field agent and bodyguard of M! On a 'routine' protection mission, Moneypenny discovers a complicated assassination plot that bears a startling resemblance to a terrorist attack from her childhood. Can she call upon her secret agent skills to stop the plot...? 
SOLSTICE: 007 accepts an unofficial mission. He travels to Paris, in pursuit of a Russian. But is Bond the hunter, or the hunted?
M: James Bond's superior, code-named M, scrambles MI6's secret agents across the globe. Sometimes, he knowingly sends them to their deaths, for the greater good. But a traumatic event from M's early days in the eld returns to haunt him, forcing M to return to the scene of a crime...HIS crime.

You can pre-order James Bond Case Files Vol. 1 at (UK) and (U.S.). No cover art yet.


  1. Any word on Dynamite's Casino Royale hardcover? That seems to have dropped off the radar.

    1. They keep pushing the release date. It's now Feb. 13, but we'll see. I've stopped chasing it. I'll report on it when it actually comes out.

  2. Milking the Cash cow to the last drop...

  3. How so? It seems like a completely logical thing for a publisher to collect all of their comics, and I'm glad that they're doing it. In American comics publishing, issues themselves are regarded as loss leaders by most publishers - especially smaller ones like Dynamite. They make their money off of the trade collections. So it's not the last drop really; it's the MAIN drop.

    1. A hardcover is the only format I'm going to buy it in...

  4. I’m glad this is coming as well – the Service and Solstice comics are among the best Dynamite has put out so far. (The Moneypenny one-shot was a bit inconsequential but I’m optimistic about M.)


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