Friday, July 8, 2016


This is a 13th paperback edition of Ian Fleming's Moonraker published by Pan Books in 1963. I've always thought the Bond on the cover here looks suspiciously like Fleming's cousin, Christopher Lee.

Title: Moonraker
Author: Ian Fleming
Year: 1963
Edition: 13th Printing
Publisher: PAN Books

Also seeJAMES BOND UK first edition paperbacks 1955-1979.


  1. Did Pan publish the 12th edition or was this Pan's 1st version?

  2. Pan published them from the very beginning. So this is their 13th printing.

  3. This was the PAN incarnation that was around when I first started reading Bond and I think I'm correct in saying that with the exception of the film tie-ins, they were succeeded by Raymond Hawkey's work which started with 'Thunderball'.
    One of the things I particularly like about this design was the strong strip 007 branding that adorned the covers. I think they PAN started doing this in 1961 with 'Goldfinger'. Like a lot that PAN did, it was innovative.

  4. Hm, you're right. He DOES look kind of like Christopher Lee here! Never noticed that before.

    I agree about that strip 007 branding, Windswept. I've always loved that. I really love the pulpy PAN covers. Unlike almost everyone else, I think, I've never cared for the Hawkey ones that followed. (Love Hawkey's work on the Len Deighton dust jackets, though.)


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