Monday, November 10, 2014

Young Bond's HOLLYWOOD home

In Steve Cole's debut Young Bond novel, Shoot to Kill, James Bond pays his first visit to the United States by traveling to Hollywood, California, which was quite an exciting destination in 1934 (the year the book is set).

Steve appears to have done his research when it comes to Bond's choice of hotel during his action-packed stay. Instead of the obvious Hollywood Hotel (or the less obvious, but would-have-been-cool, Knickerbocker Hotel), Steve lands Bond at The Hollywood Plaza, located at the famous intersection of Hollywood and Vine. Opened in 1925, this was said to be Hollywood's most "cosmopolitan and sophisticated hostelry", and unlike the Hollywood Hotel, The Hollywood Plaza still exists today, although it is a dim shadow of what it once was (I made a point to drive past it on the book's release day).

So before you dive into Shoot To Kill, I'd recommend reading up on the The Hollywood Plaza at the blog Paradise Leased, which has an excellent and very detailed history of Young Bond's Hollywood home.

Read: The Hollywood Plaza – Hollywood’s Forgotten Luxury Hotel

Shoot To Kill is out now in the UK in hardcover and can be purchased at There is yet no announced U.S. release date.

Watch for my Book Bond Review of Shoot To Kill soon.

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