Sunday, October 20, 2013

YOUNG BOND will be 14-15 in new books

The Bucks Herald has landed an interview with author Steve Cole who reveals a few additional nuggets of information about his new Young Bond series.

First, exactly when and how he landed the job:

Cole heard the news in the spring but had to keep it top secret until now. 
“It was part of the test to keep it secret,” he said. 
“I was ecstatic and blasted the James Bond theme in my car. It is a high profile assignment and I consider it a privilege.”

“Part of getting the job was to work out a pitch for a story arch to cover four books,” he said.

The article also reveals the age range of James Bond in the new novels:

In Cole’s novels Bond will be aged 14 and 15. 
He said: “These are the books that show how the adult Bond was formed. 
“He has adventures and brushes with the Secret Service, and an uncle who is a spy. 
“In the 30s travel was different and more exotic and there is rich dramatic potential in the events of those times.”

Steve Cole's first Young Bond novel will be released by Random House Children's Publishers in Fall 2014. No news yet about a U.S. publisher or release date.


  1. What degree of continuity will these maintain with the Higson books?

    1. Well he was 14 in By Royal Command and the press release stated that Cole's stories will pick up from where BRC ended, so it's quite possible (hopefully fingers crossed) he'll stick to the continuity.

    2. I think Cole will do his own thing, but not do anything to contradict Charlie's books.

  2. Is the spy-uncle the fella from SILVERFIN - because IIRC he wasn't in too good shape in that one and never appeared again? Am I wrong about my recollections of his health, or has he recovered - or is this another uncle we never new JB had (nor did IF from his YOLT Obit, either)....

  3. I couldn't remember, but I thought Uncle Max had died, or at least that Higson had implied that. I hope I'm misremembering though. TWO spy uncles really stretches credulity to the limit...

    Overall, I'll be very curious to see how Cole handles that fateful trip to Paris. Since I'm guessing Random House won't want prostitutes in the story, he could have fun just slyly alluding to it in a way that those in the know will get. Mentioning a trip over a school break that changed young James's life or something.

    1. Isn't Bond 16 in Paris? Ideal opportunity for Cole to bale if his YJB is meant to be only 14-15. And, IMHO, the event to which we're alluding is probably best handled in an "adult" Bond novel - if at all - rather than in a book aimed at young teens. (Pearson handles his version of it brilliantly)

  4. Yeah, the Paris affair happened when Bond was 16, so it will not be a part of these books.

    I have a feeling these Cole books might be skewed to a younger readership than Charlie's books. No insider info. Just a feeling.

    1. I hope not. I wouldn't like them to be any more youth oriented than Higson's books. If they are, I might be disappointed.


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