Thursday, January 24, 2013

LINK: Sebastian Faulks ridicules 'distasteful' Bond film Skyfall

Well this certainly isn't going to make Devil May Care author Sebastian Faulks any more popular with Bond fans. For the record, I really enjoyed Faulks' book. But I'm not onboard with him here. Go nuts.


  1. Well, I know which one I prefer between Faulks' book and Skyfall! That's for sure. And, of course, Faulks goes demonstrating once again how little he knows about Fleming's Bond for someone who wrote a book "as" Fleming. Bond also reads Eric Ambler in From Russia With Love, of course. And suggesting that Fleming's Bond has no inner thoughts? Come on! He's so prone to melancholy, or "acidie" to use Fleming's preferred word. Especially in Goldfinger, and it seems clear that Faulks should at least be familiar with that one since he ill-advisedly used its plot as the blueprint for his own book...

  2. Wow. What a tosser. I wanted to like his Bond book but how could I? He doesn't understand Fleming at all.Bond reads more than once in Fleming. As far as this Skyfall fsn cares, he can go Faulks himself.

  3. I liked the book well enough but this guy sure has turned out to be douchebag. (I hope that is ok)

    1. It's okay. I really did enjoy DMC, but, yeah, he doesn't come off very well here. The gay commet is quite surprising. Maybe he was drunk.

  4. Oh and if you think Faulks comments are ignorant don't read mot of the comments left under the article.

  5. I think it may be a long time before Mr. Faulks says anything negative about a Bond movie again.

  6. Yes, he has got many things wrong about Fleming's Bond. One thing I do agree with him on though is that I also don't think that Naomi Harris acted very well.


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