Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Catching Bullets - Memoirs of a Bond Fan by Mark O'Connell has been released by Splendid Books. The book is described as "Fever Pitch meets 007 - a personal trawl through growing up as a gay Bond fan in the 1980s." It's getting great early reviews and contains a Foreword by Mark Gatiss, an Afterward by Maud Adams, and a Prelude by Barbara Broccoli.

From the offbeat vantage point of a movie-obsessed teenager whose grandfather was chauffeur to legendary 007 producer Albert R. Broccoli, CATCHING BULLETS – MEMOIRS OF A BOND FAN is a love-letter to James Bond, Duran Duran title songs and bolting down your tea quick enough to watch Roger Moore falling out of a plane without a parachute. 
 When Jimmy O'Connell took a job as chauffeur for 007 producers Eon Productions, it would not just be Cubby Broccoli, Roger Moore and Sean Connery he would drive to James Bond. His grandson Mark swiftly hitches a ride on a humorous journey of filmic discovery where Bond movies fire like bespoke bullets at a Reagan-era Catholic childhood marked with divorce, a closet-gay adolescence sound-tracked by John Barry and an adult life as a comedy writer still inspired by that Broccoli movie magic. 
“Mark O’Connell is a great new writing talent and we are delighted to be publishing his first book,” says Splendid Books’ Editorial Director Shoba Vazirani. CATCHING BULLETS is very funny and he brings a genuinely new insight into the Bond film phenomena.
“The book is a fascinating journey, in which Mark reconsiders all the Bond films as they fire into his and everyone’s cinema-going memories.”

You can purchase Catching Bullets - Memoirs of a Bond Fan at Amazon.com (U.S.) and Amazon.co.uk (UK).

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  1. I am 6 chapters into this excellent book and simply cannot put it down! Mark evokes many fond memories(for myself) of video recorders and their quirks to bolting Christmas dinners down in order to get prime position in front of the telly to watch the (TV)World Premiere of "Moonraker". An essential read for all Bond fans. Thorougly recommended!


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