Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jeffery Deaver says CARTE BLANCHE has gone to EON

Jack Riccardi interviewed Bond author Jeffery Deaver on KTSA today. It's clear Riccardi is a Bond fan and this is a good interview.

A few points to note; Deaver again says he's open to writing another Bond novel should IFP want him back. He also says Carte Blanche has "gone to" Eon (the Bond film producers), and sounds optimistic about its chances of being made into a film (but so was Sebastian Faulks).


  1. I'm not as optimistic as he is.

  2. And so was - during a time at least - John Gardner...

  3. Of course it went to EON like everything that is published with Bond. Actually the copyright indicates IFP is using the James Bond character now with EON permission, i.e. Bond no longer is IFP property. But be that as it may, the book is still a long way from what a modern Bond film would be like in the near future. Doubt we'll see EON's Carte Blanche any time soon.

  4. CB doesn't stand a chance of being optioned by Eon. Like Benson's, it is too "movie". IFP are incredibly naive in sending Eon these novels "for their consideration". Also, some themes in CB are disturbingly similar to QoS (GreenWay anyone?).
    Gardner was never hopeful his novels would be adapted. He was a hired gun and he knew it. Benson kept talking on interviews about his hopes of Eon buying. Deaver's the same. When your book's sold even before there's a plot summary is made available, it's not because of your quality as a writer or the genius of your plotting. These novels are just disposable product.

  5. While CARTE BLANCHE was an intersting spy novel, I did not feel it was really James Bond when I read it.
    Yes, Deaver made a point of identifying wines and clothes by name, but not in the smooth flow that Ian Fleming had.
    It all seemed forced and unnatural.
    Fleming took us inside Bond's head. We don't get that in CARTE BLANCHE. Here this version of James Bond is just a vanilla character with no real identity.
    I honestly struggled to read the book as it did not grab me and make me feel like I NEEDED to read another chapter or get to the end.

  6. films a different beast - - -
    i have always loved flemings books the best -
    kingsley amis aside

  7. Get Dan Brown to write one, ALthough his adapted films are poor his books are awesome!!


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