Friday, November 27, 2009

Young Sherlock Holmes and the case of the numerous James Bond connections

In March it was announced that Macmillan would publish a series of authorized Young Sherlock Holmes novels by Andrew Lane, with the first book due out in Spring 2010.

Turns out this series has many James Bond connections. First, it's obviously inspired by Charlie Higson's successful Young Bond series. Second, author Andrew Lane is a Bond fan and co-author of the very fine, The Bond Files. And today Amazon has revealed cover art for the first book, Young Sherlock Holmes: The Death Cloud, featuring an image of Young Sherlock created by Young Bond artist Kev Walker.

The full Walker art (along with an impressive cover prototype) can be seen in his portfolio at the Apple Agency.

Young Sherlock Holmes: The Death Cloud will be released June 4, 2010 and can be pre-ordered at


  1. Very cool news! After that movie came out long ago I wondered if there would ever be more with a young Holmes.

    If anyone's interested, I just released my Holmes pastiche, THE PANDORA PLAGUE (, chronicling the first association of Holmes and magician Harry Houdini, in an larged and annotated edition available now at Check it out!

  2. Thanks Lee. I'm actually a huge Houdini buff as well as a Bond and Holmes fans. In fact, I have a blog devoted to just Houdini,, and of course I have your book (several editions, in fact). Thanks for stopping by. :)


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