Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Bond by any other name

I'm always fascinated to learn rejected or working titles for the James Bond books. Here's a list of Bond books by some proposed original titles:

The Double-Oh Agent (Casino Royale)
You Asked For It (Casino Royale US paperback title)
The Undertaker's Wind (Live And Let Die)
Monday's Are Hell (Moonraker)
Too Hot To Handle (Moonraker US paperback title)
The Richest Man In The World (Goldfinger)
Death Leaves An Echo (For Your Eyes Only)
Paris Courier (From A View To A Kill)
The Belles Of Hell (On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
The Golden Gun (The Man With The Golden Gun)
Trigger Finger (The Living Daylights)
Meltdown (License Renewed)
You Only Die Once (Nobody Lives Forever)
Tomorrow Always Comes (No Deals, Mr Bond)
Licence Revoked (Licence To Kill)
Blonds Prefer Gentlemen (Gardner choice for unknown book)
No Tears For Hong Kong (Zero Minus Ten)
The World is Not Enough (The Facts of Death)
A Better Way To Die (High Time To Kill)
Doppelganger (Doubleshot)
Red Widow Dawn (The Man With The Red Tattoo)
Out of Breath (SilverFin)
Double M (Blood Fever)
Shoot the Moon (Double or Die)
Lagrimas Negras (Hurricane Gold)
The Shadow War (By Royal Command)
Endgame (Moneypenny Diaries: Final Fling)

I've yet to learn of any rejected titles for Devil May Care.

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  1. For the most part, I prefer the official titles.

    The startling exceptions are the Raymond Benson novels. He had a far better ear for titles than the publishers had...

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs


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