Tuesday, May 19, 2009

U.S. 'Devil May Care' paperback released in two versions

The bestselling Centenary Bond novel Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks is released in paperback today in the U.S. In what is a first for a Bond novel, consumers have a choice of getting the book as mass market paperback or a larger trade edition. The books have different cover art -- which means any self-respecting Bond obsessive will be getting both, of course!

Set in 1967, Devil May Care finds James Bond in action in France, Iran, and Russia.


  1. Damn you. :) When I read this I thought no way would I buy both versions. I am a fan boy but I have my limits. especially since DMC while better(much better in some cases)is a better book than the Fleming purist who started bashing it BEFORE it was released would have you believe it still was a something of a disappointment.

    But I underestimated myself. I now have 3 copies of a book that I originally judged to be no better than a B- effort. Maybe I should read it again.

    Love the blog it's very informative on the literary bond.

  2. Thank you, Count. Happy to contribute to your addiction. ;)

    I actually own 15 copies of the book.


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