Sunday, January 18, 2009

Moneypenny makes it to America

Samantha Weinberg's excellent series of Miss Moneypenny novels are at long last making their way to America. Book 1, The Moneypenny Diaries, is published by Thomas Dunne Books and can be purchased now on

Weinberg's "Diaries" comprise a trilogy of novels, all three of which have been released in the UK. No word yet on when the next two books, Secret Servant and Final Fling, will make it across the pond.

Read my exclusive interview with Samantha Weinberg aka "Kate Westbrook" HERE.


  1. I'm enjoying catching up with your site. Great collection! Have you posted Japanese covers? I sold a small batch of them to Spy Guise in the 90s and still miss the books :) I've added a link to you (OK?) on my website and blog, Spy Vibe.
    Best, -Jason

  2. I'm thinking of going down from San Francisco to the LA screening of Funeral in Berlin on Feb 21st and thought I'd spread the word to see if people would like to meet up for a Spy Fan Summit. More info on Spy Vibe.

    -Jason (


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