Friday, May 23, 2008

London calling...

I'm off to London for the big Ian Fleming Centenary week!

On the agenda is a visit to some of the dark corner locations from Double or Die; a photo recon of potential By Royal Command locations in Windsor; Bond exhibits at the Imperial War Museum and the Fleming Gallery; as many Charlie Higson appearances as I can manage; and a VERY special launch party for the centenary novel, Devil May Care, where I will finally be able to meet the kind folks at IFP, Penguin, and Coleman-Getty who have helped so much with this site.

I’m packing my laptop and will try to update the site with any breaking news...but with such a full schedule, expect the bulk of my coverage after my return on June 3.

And if you see a dorky old guy at one of the Young Bond events...say hello, that’s me!

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