Friday, November 23, 2007

Penguin 007 Collection box set

Penguin has released a new box set collection of the 14 original Ian Fleming James Bond novels. The set contains the UK paperbacks featuring new introductions (including one by Charlie Higson) and retro cover art by Richie Fahey.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any online retail source where this set can be purchased. At the moment, looks like Bond fans outside of the UK are at the mercy of eBay (which is where I just got mine).

Update: According to a member of the CBn forums, this set is being sold through school bookclubs and retails for £16.99, not £97.96 as listed on some eBay auctions.

Update 2: An reader alerts us that this set is currently available at for £14.99!


  1. I picked up a new copy of the Penguin 007 set online two weeks ago for only £16.74 including postage from They get very good deals, but often limited copies so check them out asap in case all copies have gone!!

  2. Thank you anonymous. It's still listed there. I've put an update and link in the article.

  3. Thanks, Zencat! Paperback box sets are a particular focus of my Bond collection (I think I have all of them to date) and I had no idea about this new one! The box art looks great. Unfortunately, Book People doesn't ship to the US, so I'll probably have to go through Ebay too.

  4. I found one at tesco today for £15 ! I got it opf course! I'm in Uk. good luck everyone who wants to find it!


  5. It has retail price of £97.96 on the box itself that was the recommended retail price !!! buy one and you will see !


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