Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Fleming hardcovers on Amazon

As reported last week, the 14 original James Bond novels by Ian Fleming are going to be reprinted in hardcover by Penguin 007 and released as part of next year's centenary celebrations.

Now those new Fleming hardcovers are available for pre-order on The release date is May 28, 2008. Each book retails for £14.99.

To make it easy, I created an Amazon list for one stop shopping. CLICK HERE TO REDISCOVER THE ORIGINAL JAMES BOND.


  1. Hi there.

    I'd like to ask from which book is the cover of whose image you currently use at the top left of this blog.

    It reminds me of the chair torture of Casino Royale, but I don't remember a woman in that scene.

  2. That is actually an image from the book Colonel Sun (1967) that appeared in a serialization of the book in TRUE magazine.

  3. Ah, thanks. I haven't read Colonel Sun yet and I mistakenly thought only of the Fleming books.


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