Thursday, August 9, 2007

IFP, fans react to Gardner passing

Ian Fleming Publications have updated their official website with a message about James Bond continuation author John Gardner, who died after collapsing in his home in England last week.

“All at Ian Fleming Publications Limited were saddened and shocked to hear of the death of John Gardner on Friday 3rd August.

John was a highly respected and admired member of the Bond family and he will be great missed.

Our thoughts at this time are with his family.”

John Gardner’s successor Raymond Benson has also published a tribute on his official website, with a remarkable photo of the two Bond authors taken in 1984. Fellow literary Bond sites Double O Section and K1Bond007 have published tribute articles.

Proper obituaries have also now appeared in The Washington Post and the Stratford Hearld.

Over at the forums, a popular thread is running with Bond fans remembering with great fondness the man who brought the literary Bond back to life in the 80s.

John Gardner’s funeral will be held on September 6.

*UPDATE: Simon Gardner has sent a response to Bond fans over at the CBn forums:

“I would like to thank all your members on behalf of John's family and friends for the wonderful messages posted on your forums. John in fact died from 'old age', as in his heart just gave out. Not a stroke or heart attack as first thought. My Father at times was not the greatest 'Pro-Bond' guy but he did not take writing Bond lightly. I think he succeeded in bringing Bond to new generations of readers who will continue to love the world of Bond.

Again thank you all for your kind words.”

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