Monday, March 1, 2021

Every SIGNET printing of every Fleming Bond novel

Mega Bond book collector Brad Frank recently posted this photo on the excellent JAMES BOND COLLECTABLE BOOKS WORLDWIDE Facebook group. This shows every Signet printing of every Ian Fleming James Bond novel in Brad's formidable collection.

Click to enlarge.

"It adds up to 331 copies of the 14 books. Since I'm still missing about 5 printings, I used duplicates of other printings as place-holders for those. But this gives you a graphic representation of how many printings there were. Still looking for: 

DAF 4th & 28th printings
SWLM 8th printing
YOLT 7th printing
MWTGG 6th printing"

For more on the Signet Bonds check out my posts from 2011: James Bond Signet paperbacks.

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