Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Dynamite reveals next JAMES BOND series

Dynamite and Westfield Comics have revealed the writers and story details for the next series of James Bond comics (looks like they've dropped "007" from the title).

New series, new team, new missions! Vita Ayala (Morbius, Age Of X-Man), Danny LorE (Queen Of Bad Dreams) and Eric Gapstur (James Bond 007) present a fresh take on the world's greatest secret agent. When a priceless piece of art is found to be fake, investigations lead down a rabbit hole of international crime and corruption. But what the hell does James Bond know about the world of art forgery? Featuring a cover by superstar Jim Cheung (Justice League, Young Avengers), that will be revealed as an interlocking image over the first three issues!

Dynamite is also offering this terrific "Vintage Incentive Cover" that evokes the famous Signet paperbacks.

You can read an exclusive interview with co-writers Vita Ayala & Danny Lore at Westfield Comics.


  1. I'm a little dubious about yet another retooling of the series. Greg Pak's Oddjob saga was very poor with barely any script to speak of and some really bad choices of artist (one of which makes his return here).

  2. I like the "vintage" cover, but it's ridiculously overpriced...

  3. Not impressed by the five page preview on Dynamite's website. These new writers don't seem to research their stories enough. Pak is unaware that there are no casinos in London, while Ayala seems to think that paintings are displayed in museums instead of galleries. Mistakes of this kind cheapen the experience, any Bond writer should present a world that is fully believable in its details. It is starting to feel like glorified fan fiction (Benson).

  4. Update: since dynamite rebooted the series, I've opted for reading them online before buying. Well, I won't be buying this series on the strength (or lack thereof) the first issue.


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