Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The cover and title for Anthony Horowitz's new James Bond novel is here! On September 8, 2015, James Bond (and Pussy Galore!) will be back in TRIGGER MORTIS.

Here's the full official press release:


Anthony Horowitz lifts lid on title of new 007 novel and announces “Pussy Galore is back!”

Anthony Horowitz reveals today (28th May), on what would have been James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s 107th birthday, that his forthcoming official 007 adventure is to be titled Trigger Mortis. In a move that will whet the appetite of fans worldwide and is unprecedented among recent Bond novels – the contents have always been shrouded in mystery until publication – Horowitz divulges that the secret agent’s new adventure begins in 1957, two weeks after the events of Fleming’s Goldfinger. Horowitz places Bond in the middle of the Soviet-American Space Race as the United States prepares for a critical rocket launch, and brings back the most famous Bond Girl of all: Pussy Galore!

Horowitz is the latest contemporary novelist to tackle literature’s greatest action hero, and the first to place his work directly within Fleming’s original canon. As well as Pussy Galore, the book features: brand new Bond Girl Jeopardy Lane; Jai Seung Sin, a sadistic, scheming Korean adversary hell-bent on vengeance; and breathless, globe-trotting adventure. Uniquely among latter-day Bond authors, Horowitz has included original Ian Fleming material: a treatment for Murder on Wheels, an episode of a television series that was never made. Fleming’s text sees Bond in the high-octane world of motor racing and it is his never-used plot that kicks off the action of Trigger Mortis.

Anthony Horowitz said: “It was always my intention to go back to the true Bond, which is to say, the Bond that Fleming created and it was a fantastic bonus having some original, unseen material from the master to launch my story. I was so glad that I was allowed to set the book two weeks after my favourite Bond novel, Goldfinger, and I'm delighted that Pussy Galore is back! It was great fun revisiting the most famous Bond Girl of all - although she is by no means the only dangerous lady in Trigger Mortis. I hope fans enjoy it. My aim was to make this the most authentic James Bond novel anyone could have written.

Trigger Mortis will be published on 8th September by Orion Publishing.



  1. I have mixed feelings about the title, but the premise sounds very interesting. And Pussy Galore is back! Sept 8th can't roll around fast enough. Thanks for the scoop, JC! I read it here first.

  2. Not wild about the title -- it seems better suited to Boysie Oakes -- but I have confidence in Horowitz's ability to deliver a fine Bond story. For the first time in years I am excited about a new Bond novel.

  3. Can't wait! Pussy Galore- Fun! I've been playing 60s Pussy Galore ska and calypso on Spy Vibe lately, so I'm super ready for her return. Thanks for the heads up; i'll post something as well.

  4. That title is awful, absolutely awful. Love the Alex Rider books though and House of Silk captured Sherlock Holmes so will read - but Trigger Mortis?!

  5. Agree title is,er, real pulpy, B movie stuff. Okay, IF played on accepted clichés - Live and Let LIVE, You Only Live ONCE - but this doesn't work, Works far less well than Devil May Care or Carte Blanche. And surely Pussy's only there as a PR stunt: the press have grasped it as the return of Honor Blackman, not the dark haired lesbian of the novel. No hay-roles or parachutes there. Just a cuddle up on a rescue boat. Has no one red IF? Still, got folk talking has AH... But Fleming's Pussy will surely get moved on early-doors. And JB sucking on a cigarette? Pulled or drew on it, surely.

  6. Hey, I like the title. We haven't had a Bond title like this since Fleming -- one of his play on words dark humor titles like Live and Let Die. It feels lively and alive. Yes, it's not one of those poetic (and precious) Bond titles like Nobody Lives Forever -- which I also like, but we've ONLY had these types of titles on the continuations. Trigger Mortis does indeed sound like a pulp; shocking to those steeped in Literature, but so did almost all the Fleming titles. It fearlessly tweaks us. It shows up front the love of pulp, murder, rockets and pussy galore (no caps). I think this gives us a good taste of Horowitz Bond, and I think it's going to be a blast.

  7. Hi, from a bond fan of over 50 years, title is terrible, worst one ever, but cant wait for the release of the book!

  8. I don't think I'm wrong to say that there were a few more Fleming JB television series treatments that didn't end up in FYEO. There may be some more there yet to mine after Trigger Mortis.


  9. Okay, a few days have passed and I'm feeling a little more forgiving of the title. Let's not forget that Fleming had chapter titles such as "He Disagreed With Something That Ate Him" and "Slay It With Flowers". Viewed in this context, "Trigger Mortis" fits right in.

  10. I agree it would be a good chapter title, but not a novel title. It doesn't sound like one of Fleming's wordplay titles to me; it sounds like one of his REJECTED titles, like Mondays Are Hell or something. That said, I am enormously excited about the book itself, despite the title! I fully expect greatness from Horowitz. The UK cover seems quite influenced (to say the least) by this cover for Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow:


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