Saturday, May 9, 2015

YOUNG BOND 7 not called "Hellstriker"

Recently a mysterious listing appeared on for "Young Bond: Hellstriker." At first it appeared this might be the title of Young Bond 7. Recall that Amazon leaked the title of Hurricane Gold. But I've been told by the powers-that-be that Hellstriker is not the title of Steve Cole's next Young Bond novel. I expect the listing will be revised or removed, so I snatched an image for posterity.

Now, this could be a legit working title. There is precedent for this. Raymond Benson's High Time To Kill first appeared on Amazon under the author's original title, A Better Way To Die, so...

The release date of November 1, 2015 might also be erroneous. While I'd love a new Young Bond book in November, it's looking more likely that Steve's next will appear in 2016.

If you're a fan of working and rejected titles (as am I), check out: A Bond by any other name.


  1. If it is a working title, I wonder if the "paperback" part of this listing is correct? Will the Young Bonds, which have been hardcovers in the UK since Hurricane Gold, go back to being paperback originals?

    1. The listing here is for an early export edition. At least that's what it says. Those are always paperbacks. I expect the proper UK edition will be hardcover like Shoot To Kill.

  2. On October 22nd the first Cole Young Bond book will be published as "Der Tod stirbt nie" by FISCHER KJB in Germany. It will be released as hardcover (ISBN: 9783737340144) and as ebook (ISBN: 9783737340144).

    And the Arena Verlag will release the Higson Young Bond books as soft cover in July.


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