Monday, March 16, 2015

Win, Lose or Daylights

What's this? An international edition of The Living Daylights perhaps? After all, there's Timothy Dalton and Jeroen Krabbé, who played Georgi Koskov in the 1987 film, right there on the cover. So what else could this be?

Well, this of course is not The Living Daylights. There was never a Daylights novelization. This is actually a 1991 German paperback edition of John Gardner's Win Lose or Die. The "Bond of record" at that time was Timothy Dalton, so it's not unusual to see him depicted as 007. But how did Jeroen get there?

Extra points if you can identify the woman and where this image of her comes from. She is a Bond Girl.


  1. Fun.

    Notice how in the 1980s/early ‘90s the Non-English speaking markets all did their own unique, glorious, nutty thing when it came to the book covers, whereas now everyone just seems to sort of follow the same one or two official templates? Pity.

    I know BookBond has rather parted from FilmBond these days, and that’s probably a good thing, but from a future time capsule point of view at least, it’s a bit of a shame that there are so few books with Daniel Craig on the cover (save for the one Casino Royale tie-in) - either novelizations or re-issues.

    1. That is true. Almost no covers with Craig. Not even junky unofficial international ones. Too bad. I like those. :)

  2. Is it Sheena Easton?

  3. Robbin Young from FYEO. Pic is from her Playboy pictorial.

    1. Boom! You got it. (She was the Flower Shop girl). Nice work,

      However, as you're Anonymous, I don't know where to apply your extra points. :p


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