Saturday, January 3, 2015

In 2015, JAMES BOND blasts off into the 1950s

Welcome to 2015, a year that promises to be an exciting one for fans of the literary James Bond. Not only will we get TWO Bond novels this year -- Steve Cole's second Young Bond adventure and Anthony Horowitz's adult Bond novel codenamed "Project One" -- but we'll also see the first installment of Dynamite's major new graphic novel series chronicling the formative days of Agent 007. While Cole's book will, of course, be set in the 1930s, both Horowitz and Dynamite will give us Bond adventures set in the 1950s. So to set the mood, here's a vintage cover from a 1955 edition of Moonraker by Ian Fleming.


  1. I'm guessing Dynamite's series will end up being in the Forties, not Fifties. I think they'll give us James Bond's wartime exploits.


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