Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Young Bond: The CHARLIE HIGSON years

In less than 24 hours, Charlie Higson will hand over the Young Bond series to new author Steve Cole at a special event at the Hay Festival in England. As we wait to learn the title of Steve's first Young Bond novel (due for release November 6, 2014), let's take a look back at the history of Charlie Higson's five books and how this extremely successful series came to be.

I published these five installments about "The Secret History of Young James Bond" here on The Book Bond in 2011. Below are links to all five parts. You can also move to the next installment via a link at the end of each post. I'm proud of these posts as it's pretty untypical to get such a good look behind the curtain of a creation of a Bond novel, let alone an entire series.

So enjoy the history of Charlie Higson's Young Bond, and I'll see you back here tomorrow when we will all ring in the start of the Steve Cole era.

I. Young Bond Begins (SilverFin)
II. Fever Pitch (Blood Fever)
III. Name Game (Double or Die)
IV. Gold Standard (Hurricane Gold)
V. In Command (By Royal Command)

Charlie Higson era Young Bond logo.

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