Friday, April 11, 2014

Near fine first edition CASINO ROYALE sells for $40,461

A first edition of Ian Fleming's Casino Royale, judged to be in Near Fine condition, sold today at Dreweatts & Bloomsbury auction of Modern Literature for £19,500 + 24% buyers premium. This adds up to $40,461 in U.S. dollars.

This might be a record for an unsigned Casino Royale. Certainly condition had everything to do with the final sales price. (Although judging by the auction photo, I still believe my own copy to be in better condition, and I might need to consider selling. Just saying.)

The auction also sold several other Ian Fleming firsts, including a Live And Let Die for $13,486 (including premium). You can check out the full list HERE.


  1. John,
    Not sure if this comparison list already exists, but as someone perhaps more interested in the world of Bond posters etc, I still find myself interested in what I presume to be a similar number of oddities in the book world.
    Would you have the interest to perhaps comment on things like;
    Casino Royale's "without the Times review, "
    LALD's "first state dust-jacket, without credit to Kenneth Lewis"
    LALD's "artist’s credit directly below blurb and Irish Times review corrected.."
    Moonraker's "with 'shoot' on p.10,"
    and for all the Bond books, etc. etc...
    Many thanks.

  2. Simon, if you're interested in points of issue for all the Fleming books, then Jon Gilbert's Ian Fleming: The Bibliography is an essential purchase! He goes into exactly detail about all the variations between various states of various editions of every novel. It's pricey, but WELL worth it if you're thinking of collecting Bond books! Or even just interested in them.

  3. Fleming has a talent to write good stories


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