Tuesday, March 25, 2014

JOHN GARDNER 5-book box set

Simon Gardner has discovered and shared on Facebook this 5-book box set of some of the new John Gardner James Bond reprints from Orion. This appears to have been released in January 2012, but this is the first I'm hearing of this!

The set contains GoldenEye, COLD, Death Is Forever, Icebreaker, and Licence To Kill. A strange combination of "classics", but there we go.

John Gardner 5-book box set on Amazon.com (U.S.)
John Gardner 5-book box set on Amazon.co.uk (UK)


  1. Wow! I hadn't come across that either. Now I really want it. I'm afraid I cannot resist a Bond box set. But unfortunately the set is not currently available from either of those Amazon links! And I agree, it is a VERY odd assortment of titles. I think it's a shame that the novelizations are in there, since Gardner's original books tend to be much better.

    1. True, but then familiar titles do tend to be more attractive to newbies. Film fans / newer fans pondering whether to give these a go might be more drawn to "Licence to Kill" and particularly "GoldenEye".

      P.S. the "Jan 2012" release date seems unlikely as some of the individual titles weren't even out yet by then.

  2. I didn't even know COLD had got released in reprint yet.

  3. I found one on Ebay, this exact assortment sold as a set, but it was just the books themselves. No mention was made of a slipcase. Weird.

  4. I'm now a proud owner of this set 32 cad


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